A collection of useful and depressing unemployment links:

MJ gives us a visual representation of the unemployment situation , sure to depress everyone looking for work.

Via Cuffy (sigh) this nifty graphic showing the employment number changes by industry.

WSJ blogs the announcement and analyses. Lots of good stuff in there.


Yea, I hope they have a “Plan B” for today.


No tweet yet from Obama regarding the unemployment numbers, but we did get this one:

Oh goodie.

Pennsylvania volunteers are fired up and ready to go for the President’s visit to Pittsburgh.

Welcome to day two of the Betting on America bus tour. Here’s what’s coming up today:

9:40 a.m. ET — Summer Garden Food Manufacturing, Boardman, Ohio

10:45 a.m. ET — Dobbins Elementary School, Poland, Ohio

1:50 p.m. ET — Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Stay tuned for more.

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One Comment on “#DoingFine”

  1. Jay in Ames Says:

    Where will the first plant show up, and what will their appreciation to Obama be? Job saved? Health Insurance?

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