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What is interesting in this piece about David Maraniss’s new biography of Barack Obama is the comments.

Let me set it up for you

Maraniss’s book challenges the narrative of Obama’s own story as told in his 1995 memoir “Dreams From My Father. Apparently, Obama stretched the truth a bit.

This article article illustrates a few problems in Obama’s narrative:

For Mr. Obama’s early years, much of what the world knows up to this point comes from his “Dreams From My Father,” published years before he ran for political office. Mr. Maraniss finds the book to be an unreliable guide to what actually happened in Mr. Obama’s early life. The book, he says, “falls into the realm of literature and memoir, not history and autobiography.” This is not a complete surprise: In the book’s introduction, the author acknowledges taking liberties—changing names and chronology and compressing multiple people into single characters for the sake of narrative flow and dramatic effect.

Consider Mr. Obama’s own description of his time working at Business International and those meetings with “Japanese financiers” and “German bond traders” and that reflection in the elevator mirrors of himself wearing a suit and tie. In reality, Mr. Maraniss finds out, Mr. Obama worked out of a tiny office barely large enough to fit a desk, dressed casually and didn’t have meetings with financiers or bond traders. “The part about seeing his reflection in the elevator doors?” recalled one supervisor. “There were not reflections there. . . . He was not in this high, talk-to-Swiss-bankers kind of role. He was in the back rooms checking things on the phone.”

But, onto the amusing part.

You are NOT allowed to question the veracity of Obama.

So, someone who is not Obama writes a book about Obama and automatically the third party is 100% right, but the person who experienced the actual occurrences is totally wrong? Okay. And Obama’s book actually says in the preface that he composited characters, but yet it’s some scandal that he did? Did the elite media read the fucking intro to Obama’s book? Or are you that ignorant and stupid?

Right. So Obama had abosolutely NO motivation to pad his memoir, and those who resist the narrative ignorant and stupid. It’s NOT that he created composite characters. It’s that the book is more wishful/fancilful thinking than memoir. It teeters on literature.

Historical credibility? It’s his own experiences, genius.

It’s … racist:

How many memoirs has frank mccourt had fact checked. Come one man, this book is written by someone with an agenda. Someone who is extremely uncomfortable with a black man in charge. Lets just state the obvious. To say that a bi-racial person overplayed the factor of race in their lives growing up simply demonstrates to me that either the writer doesn’t know anyone bi-racial, or is doing everything they can to make obama seem less potent.

The crazy:

This is crazy. I’m going to have to resign from the internet. But first, a note: if you use the phrases “race card” or “race-baitng,” you are a racist. If you think the public school system “did fine” before the federal government got involved, you are a racist. If you think Obama is a socialist, then you don’t understand socialism. At all. The hilarious thing is that the so-called “conservatives” around here, and in our country in general, are so poorly educated, so uncritical of the narrative being fed to them by their churches, our educational system and the media, that they believe that the likes of Romney have their best interests at heart. Wake up and see that you are puppets. You are slaves to the same patriarchy that oppresses women and non-whites. You just get paid 25% more on average, and the elite have brainwashed you to do their bidding by keeping the non-white and non-male extra oppressed. You are not a part of their club, and you never will be.

It’s kinda entertaining.

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One Comment on “Trolling the internet”

  1. PCachu Says:

    Ah, the concentrated, over-credentialed inanity of that last response alone. The gaping lack of self-awareness becomes nearly tangible, accusing all who dissent of credulously falling for “the narrative” while simultaneously puking up tired talking points and overwrought cliches as if reading from a script. Makes me glad I’ve gone past the desire to weep for humanity; there is little else left to do but point and laugh.

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