Fisking the NYT

How to get the fatties to lose weight?” It’s a quandry, but the answer is to probably limit people’s freedom.

For their own good. Walt Disney is going to restrict “junk food” commercials on it’s channel. And NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg is taking away people’s “Big Gulp.” But, sadly, this will not be enough, says nanny. We’re going to need ” broader shift in the culture.”

For decades, people have treated obesity as a personal failure. They blame individuals and families for eating junk food and choosing television over exercise.

Certainly THAT cannot be the reason. We’re blaming the victim, here, folks.

But experts in this country and other industrialized nations have increasingly recognized that obesity is caused mostly by social and environmental factors that limit people’s ability to eat healthy foods and get enough exercise. Our modern society, with its enormous and diverse food supply and its host of labor-saving technologies, stacks the deck against them.

The deck is simply stacked against us. Why go outside and do some vigerous weeding and yard work, when you’ve got a Jersey Shore marathon on tv, and bag of chips that needs eating?

The consensus of experts, in a report issued in May by the Institute of Medicine, is that only a nationwide, prevention-oriented approach will work.

Ut oh. This doesn’t sound good.

The causes of obesity are everywhere. Societal factors play a big role: the lack of safe places to play, walk or bike; sedentary jobs; less time devoted to cooking and more eating out; bigger portion sizes in packaged and prepared food; and incessant marketing of junk foods that are high in calories.

1) Except for in the MOST dangerous of neighborhoods, there are PLENTY of places for kids to play. Drive around, and look. Thye’ll be mostly empty, because the kids are inside their homes playing video games.

2) Eating out takes MORE time than cooking at home. You drive there, you order, you wait, you eat, you wait some more, you drive home.

The rest of that paragraph is just excuse after excuse.

The institute’s report suggests a number of remedies that it believes have been proved to work. In Somerville, Mass., where some 40 percent of the younger elementary school children were overweight, there was a communitywide effort to offer healthier lunches in schools and restaurants, encourage walking and other physical activity, and change the small city’s culture. Children there gained less weight than their peers in other communities.

I’m not against voluntary measures, etc. What I’m against is the idea that folks are HELPLESS to control their own lives. The idea that it isn’t the FAULT of any of these people that they’re overweight.

The first step to getting in shape and losing weight is to take ownership of yourself. To love YOURSELF more than you love that food.

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3 Comments on “Fisking the NYT”

  1. Krow8803 Says:

    Shhhhhhhh Car In, the “Experts” are going for the same Sheeple that are buying into the Global warming/cooling/whatever it is this week scam

    must not disturb the socialists at work

  2. Car in Says:

    Yea, pretty much.

  3. MJ Says:

    Smoking and drinking are mostly due to environmental factors. Also ugliness, bad haircuts, and whiteness.

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