Don’t buy this album

Or, do, I don’t really care, but Michael Moore is pimping some crappy album in support of the Occupy movement.

There is little get excited about, since none of the 99 songs were performed by anyone I’m interested in. But for amusement, I listened to the Ani Defranco song.

Wow, was that bad!

A few of the choice lyrics:

30 years of diggin’
Got us in this hole
The curse of reaganomics
Has finally taken it’s toll

Lord knows the free market
Is anything but free
It costs dearly to the planet
And the likes of you and me

I don’t need those money lenders
Suckin’ on my tit
A little socialism
Don’t scare me one bit!

We could do a whole lot worse
Than europe or canada
C’mon mr. president
C’mon congress make the law

Oh, but she’s totally on the Obama train. The commies are a tad disappointed in her version, which is a reworking of a Depression era song by Florence Reece:

But the subject matter—social class, unionism, the Great Depression, government and corporate repression—is complex and provides a vivid portrait of American society in the early part of the 20th century.

Considering the parallels in the present period to the Depression, one looked to a new recording of “Which Side Are You On?” as a welcome sign.

Class anger permeates Reece’s original, which begins:
Come all you poor workers
Good news to you I’ll tell
How that good old union
Has come in here to dwell

The following verses denounce the inequality between miners and owners, and the repression of company thugs. The refrain, “Which side are you on?” refers to the two sides in the class struggle, the workers and the bosses. The song’s appeal is to all fellow workers to join the fight against the tyranny of the companies.

The problem? She changed the lyrics. Because obviously she’s not completely down for the struggle, or something.

As for the subject matter, however, DiFranco’s reworking is most remarkable for abandoning the class element of the original song and replacing it with support for the Democratic Party.

DiFranco begins by asserting, presumably referring to the Democratic victories in 2006 and 2008, that:

They stole a few elections,
Still we the people won
We voted out corruption and
Big corporations
We voted for an end to war
New direction
And we ain’t gonna stop now
Until the job is done

This is both puerile and absurd, considering the character of both the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress

Yea, well, that’s horrible. The truth of the matter is that the Occupy movement may be, at the base, socialists and communists, MOSTLY it’s purpose is to criticize the far right. The left, and democrats, are happy to let the Occupy movement do whatever damage it can to the right. And for many on the streets – Obama? He’ll do.

Here’s a performance of the song done live. I apologize in advance.

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