PTL we don’t have that cowboy running the country anymore …

“Polish death camp” gaffe aside, Obama is a little man:

The Poles wanted Lech Walesa to receive the medal on Karski’s behalf, but the White House nixed the choice. Last year, during Mr. Obama’s visit to Poland, the hero of Solidarity refused to attend a large gathering to meet the younger leader. Mr. Walesa felt entitled to a tete-a-tete. Administration officials told Polish journalists that Mr. Walesa’s presence was too “political” for this week’s occasion. Poles read something else into it: Mr. Obama holds grudges. The counter-snub was the talk of Poland last week.

Smart Diplomacy.

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3 Comments on “PTL we don’t have that cowboy running the country anymore …”

  1. W. C. Taqiyya Says:

    It’s all part of Obama’s grand plan to undermine and destroy America. There’s a method to his madness.

  2. PCachu Says:

    See, the phrase “Smart Diplomacy” is actually an abbreviation.

    It’s supposed to be “Smart-Ass Diplomacy”. Emphasis on “Ass”.

  3. Car in Says:

    Smart-Ass Diplomacy”.

    The acronym is, then, SAD. It all makes sense.

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