Go ahead … we can afford it

Holman Jenkins in the WSJ on Obama’s Bain ads:

Mr. Romney, the ads say, wants to take things away from you that he claims no longer are affordable; Mr. Obama, the ads say, will fight whoever tries to take things away. To the less sophisticated voter, the Obama message is a soothing “nothing has to change.” To the more sophisticated, President Obama proposes himself as the defender of every spending interest, never favoring a cut, always pushing for higher taxes.

Obama, and Governor Jerry Brown, and the liberal politicians in Greece all think alike. They stand to save us from drastic cuts that will harm the weakest among us.

Which means that the only cuts they do not oppose are military ones.

Politicians who work this vein are careful not to be heard actually saying “everything is affordable.” But voters get the message “the rich will pay.” If the proceeds of the Buffett tax were proportional to the noise Mr. Obama has made promoting it, the Buffett tax alone would solve our fiscal problems (in fact, it’s impact would be negligible).

I had a liberal tell me once that the reason we could afford, and therefor should, pay for all this “stuff” was because we are so darn smart. We can figure out how to pay for everyone’s health care, generous pensions and early retirement for public workers, etc …

Yea, ok.

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One Comment on “Go ahead … we can afford it”

  1. We’re apparently so darn smart that we don’t even have to ask where the government gets the authority to be so darn generous with our money, or whether it is good for the future to give people stuff, rather than having them work for it, or which they’ll value more…the stuff they work for, or the stuff Uncle Sugar gives to them…

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