Tuesday inconsequential stories …

Helpful link: Liar-in-Chief’s list of lies.

Gays are now a race?.

There is a part of the gay-lesbian-transgender conversation that is happening in San Francisco that’s not happening on the radio with NPR or any other station. And there are many gays and lesbians and transgenders who believe that we are a race of people. And the way that we are a race of people, is we’re distinctly different than any other race in the idea that we do not sexually identify as heterosexual. Now, if you take that idea of 10 percent of the population of the world, we equal 300 million people. That’s the population of the United States.

And with that amount of people, we are a race of people, not a type of person. And I don’t believe Barack Obama has gone far enough. All he has to do is say that the LBGT people are a race, and this whole conversation ends. We no longer have a difference between us and them. We are a race of people, and it needs to be addressed and it needs to be talked about.

uhm. Ok.


I wonder what the folks at Pandagon are on about; haven’t visited them in a long time.

Rejecting the “self-discipline” framework.


If you actually want to fix the problems of STD transmission and unintended pregnancy, you have to deal with people how they are, not how they “should” be. Same with food consumption and exercise. I guess people “should” exert often-extraordinary levels of self-discipline, but they don’t, because they’re human. Meet them where they are, not where they “should” be.

We can’t fix people’s impulse control, but we can fix their environments through collective action.

Just. Wow. Extra-ordinary levels of self-discipline. We cannot expect people to be personally responsible for … anything. From their sexual behavior to what they eat … their housing costs, college tuition, health care expenses …

Really, people can’t be expected to be responsible for shit. We need “collective action” to solve these problems.

I need to go to my happy place now.

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One Comment on “Tuesday inconsequential stories …”

  1. Steve B Says:

    Okay, uh, really? So, homosexuals are a race? How long does that race survive without invitro fertilization and surrogate mothers?

    Uh….try one generation. Then, no more race.

    Ah, but do you see the beauty in the logic? What are conservatives more sensitive to than Superman was to kryptonite? Charges of “racism.” So, since the homophobe thing has kind of worn down, let’s switch and tell people that if you oppose homosexuality, then you’re RACIST!

    That’ll shut ’em up, eh?!

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