Rainy days, Monday, and Obama bring me down


Now, here in fantasy land …


Robert Reich is insane. Remember, though, they are not socialists. They’re just for redistributing income.

And this is why a second Obama administration, should there be one, must focus its attention on more broadly distributing the gains from growth. This doesn’t mean “redistributing” from rich to poor, as in a zero-sum game. To the contrary, the rich will do far better with a smaller share of a robust, growing economy than they’re doing with a large share of an economy that’s barely moving forward.

This will require real tax reform — not just a “Buffett” minimal tax but substantially higher marginal rates and more brackets at the top, with a capital gains rate matching the income-tax rate. It also means a larger Earned Income Tax Credit, whose benefits extend high into the middle class. That will enable many Americans to move to a 35-hour workweek without losing ground — thereby making room for more jobs.

It means Medicare for all rather than an absurdly-costly system that relies on private for-profit insurers and providers.

It will require limiting executive salaries and empowering workers to get a larger share of corporate profits. The Employee Free Choice Act should be an explicit part of the second-term agenda.

This isn’t socialism.

We don’t need socialism. We need a capitalism that works for the vast majority.

*blink blink*



Offered without comment: movement for “tuition equality” for illegal aliens at University of Michigan

It is time to make education at University of Michigan accessible to all undocumented Michigan students!

Undocumented students who graduate from Michigan high schools are denied the same tuition rate at the University of Michigan as their fellow in-state classmates, which nearly triples the cost of tuition.

Sign the petition and tell the President of the University of Michigan to ensure tuition equality for all of her students, regardless of their immigration status!


Obama kicked off his campaign (I know, don’t laugh) this weekend. Scene of the over-flowing crowd:

A bit of an enthusiasm gap, if you ask me. BUT, things were looking better up in the front:

Andrew Malcolm sums up his speech:

We were going to publish the complete text of the president’s alleged “opening” remarks, but we changed our minds. Talk about going through the motions. It’s the same yada-yada he’s been peddling at his record-breaking number of fundraisers.

We read it so you don’t have to: 3,930 words recounting how he never said change was easy, he’s already done a lot to fix America, he needs to do more to cement the transformation of this country and this campaign will be harder than the last one.


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