FIAF- Fleece the Taxpayers edition

Whew. Busy day for Obama:

9:05 am || Departs White House
10:55 am || Arrives Hinesville, Georgia
12:35 pm || Delivers remarks to troops, veterans and military families; Fort Stewart
2:05 pm || Departs Hinesville
3:45 pm ||Arrives White House
4:55 pm || Attends a fundraiser; Washington Convention Center
6:10 pm || Attends a fundraiser; private residence

Michelle’s day

Introduces President Obama at a gathering with veterans, service members, and military families; Hinesville, Georgia

Arrives at Naples Municipal Airport where she will be greeted by students from Avalon Elementary and Mike Davis Elementary Schools, who are performing Let’s Move-related activities.

Meets with campaign volunteers; Naples, Florida

Delivers remarks at a fundraiser; Naples, Florida

Four Obama fundraisers today!


Michigan teacher pissed that her planned retirement may be postponed. This is the saddest thing I’ve read in a long time.She had planned to retire at the ripe old age of 47. But now, if she does that, she’ll have to pay for her own healthcare.

List was highlighted by the Michigan Education Association as one of the critics of Senate Bill 1040, which would require public school employees to contribute at least 5 percent of their compensation to their retirement plan.

The MEA reported on its website: “Saginaw Township teacher Terry (sic) List had hoped to retire in the next three years when she was 47 years old. That wouldn’t be possible under SB 1040. List would have to work another 16 years to be eligible for health benefits.”

“By the time I’m 60, I would have put in 43 years of service, earning a salary at the top of the pay scale. How does that save the district money? You could hire two people for the cost of one and encourage young people to join the profession. Right now, I would not recommend to my pupils to become a teacher in Michigan.”

She’ll have to work until she’s 60? I’m gonna have to get some tissues, because if we’ve become the kind of country where a teacher can’t retire at 47 with a pension and free healthcare, I don’t know how we can call ourselves humane.

Ninety percent of public employees in the United States enjoy defined-benefit pension plans, meaning they will receive a guaranteed income, and usually health insurance, until death. These benefits are prohibitively expensive, and more so when they are tied to retirement ages that are atypically low. Given rising life expectancies, we could see a raft of public pensioners spending more years collecting retirement benefits than they spent working their government jobs, and in fact this isn’t uncommon already.

20 and OUT. It’s the American (public worker) way. The rest of you slobs can work until you’re 62, or die, but not public union workers.


Well, this week saw a momentous leap forward in insuring we will NEVER AGAIN stand idly by while massacres are occurring in the world. Obama created an Atrocities Board.

Yes, we cannot “do nothing” because it would be “a betrayal of who we are.” So, instead we’ll stand around with whiteboards discussing the issue, and send strongly worded letters to the UN.

I feel better about us already. USA. USA. USA.

The Hammer isn’t getting the same warm fuzzies from the dealio that I am.

If we are not prepared to intervene, even indirectly by arming and training Syrians who want to liberate themselves, be candid. And then be quiet. Don’t pretend the U.N. is doing anything. Don’t pretend the U.S. is doing anything. And don’t embarrass the nation with an Atrocities Prevention Board. The tragedies of Rwanda, Darfur, and now Syria did not result from lack of information or lack of interagency coordination, but from lack of will.

Think Obama will tone down the vacations THIS summer?

Blue collar Democratic voters, stuck taking depressing “staycations” because they can’t afford gas and hotels, are resentful of the first family’s 17 lavish vacations around the world and don’t want their tax dollars paying for the Obamas’ holidays, according to a new analysis of swing voters.

You see, the Obama’s don’t care cost the taxpayers.


I think a good rule of thumb to follow is that just about everything the President says is untrue. It’s hard to just pick on thing to focus on, but this one is fun; the Obama’s claim that they struggled to pay off their student loans.

President Obama told students at the University of North Carolina Tuesday that he knows what it is like to struggle with student loan debt because he and his wife didn’t pay off their student loans until eight years ago.
“We only finished paying off our student loans off about eight years ago,” the president said. “That wasn’t that long ago. And that wasn’t easy – especially because when we had Malia and Sasha, we’re supposed to be saving up for their college educations, and we’re still paying off our college educations.”

Now, my husband and I struggled to pay back our student loans. I bartended, so we could keep our babies out of daycare, and my husband worked days. We had one car, and struggled with beaters as a second car until we could finally buy a new one when the first was paid off. The Obama, on the other hand …not so much.

Here’s a rundown of the president’s income, according to his tax returns, in the years before he paid off his student loans:

2004: $207,647

2003: $238,327

2002: $259,394

2001: $272,759

2000: $240,505

The Obama’s were millionaires. I mean, they would have just had to save their money for about four years, and they would have been millionaires, right?

I sure hope Obama has some time for golf this weekend.

A quick reminder of why we simply have to support Romney/ham sammich over Obummer.

Are you in?

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3 Comments on “FIAF- Fleece the Taxpayers edition”

  1. agiledog Says:

    I think a good rule of thumb to follow is that just about everything the President says is untrue.

    In fact, I think you have to assume everything he says is a lie, not just untrue (the difference being that he KNOWS it is untrue, and is not just misinformed or misspeaking).

    It is going to be very hard to vote for Romney (I live in MA – I know firsthand how squishy a RINO he is), but we have GOT to get rid of this jackhole.

  2. Car in Says:

    Yea, that is my first thought, but I was trying to temper it a bit so I didn’t sound so partisan. I think he may occasionally remark on the weather, though, and I’m assuming that’s usually true.

  3. iron308 Says:

    I was talking to a Federal Agent friend of mine today and he was telling me that in 9 years he will retire with an $80k+ per year pension. He has 11 years in and is making over $120k per year now.

    Barry wants some class warfare? Let’s start right there.

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