What is Obama’s Plan?

The plan for, you know, driving us out of that ditch? He tried the Keynesian approach, which didn’t work so hot. So … what is he running on now? James C. Capretta breaks it down for us:

When you strip out all of the excessive and grandiose rhetoric, what the president is attempting to argue in these speeches is that the keys to higher economic growth in the United States are higher marginal tax rates on the successful, no reforms to entitlement programs, and more government spending on selected “investments.” To say that this is a pathetic plan for growth would be to give it too much credit.

Based on all his campaign policy speeches he’s been giving around the country, that pretty much sums it up.

The president in these speeches has argued over and over that a key ingredient to growth is more federal spending on education and workforce training. This argument runs counter to five decades of experience. The federal government has steadily become more and more involved in elementary and secondary education since 1965. There’s not a shred of evidence that it has helped raise educational performance by students. On the contrary, the steady encroachment of federal regulations and spending in education has coincided with an erosion of the nation’s standing relative to that of our peers around the world.

And, with respect to workforce training, the federal government has conducted countless studies on the effectiveness of the many existing workforce-training programs going back at least 30 years. These programs — run mainly by the Department of Labor — have been shown time and again to produce mediocre results, at best, in terms of gains in future earnings for workers. The idea that somehow the Obama administration has a formula for doing this better in the future than it has been done in the past is simply not credible, to put it mildly.

So, basically Obama’s plan is to keep shilling all that shit that doesn’t work, because – really – his only plan is to keep that sweet gig he’s got right now.

16 vacations and counting! Plus, he played round 95 of golf this Saturday.

So, quick reminder of the successful policies of Obama and crew:

Well, after receiving more than $430 million in state and federal assistance, A123 has laid off most of their workforce, run up huge financial losses, recalled defective ($55 million worth!) batteries. Michelle Malkin reports:

This green dud will have taxpayers seeing red. A123’s official company motto is “Power. Safety. Life.” But the firm’s reality is “Out of power. Endangering safety. Clinging to life.”

Oh, and they’re being sued by shareholders, as stock in the lithium battery manufacturing company plummeted to 82 cents, down from a high of nearly $26.


It’s just a mystery why this company failed. They were making $33,000 car batteries

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One Comment on “What is Obama’s Plan?”

  1. wctaqiyya Says:

    Well, maybe I’m just in a good mood or something, but right now I think Obama is too stupid to actually engineer a coup and install himself as dictator. However, that’s not to say Congress can’t do it for him and it sure looks like they are trying. If Obama believes his rhetoric, he must be a cretin. If he doesn’t, he is still quite stupid or he would come up with a better brand of bullshit to peddle. That’s my theory for today, so there.

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