Summary of what happened at the Americas Summit

Well – apparently the secret service hired some prostitutes, and this:

Public relations disaster? Au contraire. This covers up the real failure.

Despite Obama charm, Americas summit boosts U.S. isolation. Heh. Nice title, Reuters. @@

President Barack Obama sat patiently through diatribes, interruptions and even the occasional eye-ball roll at the weekend Summit of the Americas in an effort to win over Latin American leaders fed up with U.S. policies.

He failed.

Of course, the failures are not all Obamas. The optimism under which the summit was born has changed. Wayback machine:

The Summit of the Americas sprang to life in 1994 under Bill Clinton. At that time, in the golden afterglow of the fall of the Soviet Union, just beyond the “end of history,” liberal democracy and market capitalism were in flower.

The summits of that golden era symbolized its big Western Hemisphere idea — that we in the New World were free, liberty-loving folk cut from same cloth. So, too, did the Inter-American Democratic Charter (2001) that promised free elections, democratic governance, and the protection of individual rights and liberties. The flagship of the Summit fleet was a projected Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). Families that trade and invest together, stay together.


But the biggest problems confronting the Summit are not made in America. Rather, what threatens to make the meetings fruitless is a basic divergence of values and perceptions. It may sound old school, but here it is: If our neighbors cannot agree that a nuclear-armed Iran might just pose a threat to world peace, that presidents who stay in office for decades are not real democrats, or that Fidel Castro and little brother Raul, really are SOBs and tyrants to boot, then the space available for productive conversation drastically dwindles.

The time has come to sunset the Summit of the Americas. Privatize it! Let the region’s CEOs, civil society, or the Council of the Americas organize a grand encounter, a coalition of the willing so to speak, every couple of years with the U.S. president and like-minded democratic, free market leaders, ready for real problem-solving attendance.

But Obama was upset with the coverage. LOL. Here’s the message he wish they’d focused on.

Obama said, alongside summit host Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, that South American governments must work to increase the size of middle class in their countries and increase transparency.

“The days when we could think of each of our economies in isolation, those days are long gone,” the U.S. president said. “How can we make sure that globalization and that integration is benefiting a broad base of people?”

Oh, but there’s more.

Obama said more cooperation is needed among the Americas on energy and education, such as exchanges on science and engineering and computer sciences.

“We’ve got to up our game,” he said. “We’ve never felt more excited about prospects of working as equal partners with our brothers and sisters in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

Our brothers and sisters in Latin America? None of this sounds good.

Obama doesn’t even think of his fellow Americans as his “brothers and sisters.”

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5 Comments on “Summary of what happened at the Americas Summit”

  1. Of course he would refer to the Latin Americans as his “brothers and sisters”.

    The majority of them are socialists.

  2. Car in Says:

    Yep. He definitely uses the dialog of communism/socialism when speaking with his comrades. Dog-whistles.

  3. wctaqiyya Says:

    Nothing to see here. Just chalk up another failure for Obama. Obama is a great success, in his own mind. Everywhere else, he is a pathetic joke. When even the banana republics laugh in your face, you have really failed. Another funny thing about Obama is that even the Socialists in Central and South America laugh at him. Which, if it means anything, means that his America hating democrat followers are very stupid indeed.

  4. It’s cool. He got into the secret after meeting meetings by showing off the tattoo of Che on his ass.

  5. wctaqiyya Says:

    One further point if I may. The GSA parties and excessive spending together with this Secret Service controversy are only the tip of the iceberg. In the past, these things soon take on a life of their own and prove to be merely representative of an entire culture of excess. My prediction is kinda obvious, I know. One only has to observe how totally oblivious all those people were that anything bad might come back on them to see that they regarded it as normal. And if that is normal, it is widespread and reaches all the way up the chain of command. Remember tailhook?
    At least Obama will be known as the party president, eh?

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