YEA, it’s MONDAY/ get the week started/weekend review

Help Michelle’s Mirror hit 3 million before election. Because –hilarious. They’ve got the skinny on the Michelle/Beyonce love. Apparently, they’re roll models for each other’s kids.

After all, what better role model for young black girls than a black woman with bleached skin and long, straight blonde hair who sings about getting “bodied”?

That’s so sweet. Being bodied is some dirty dancing/grinding thing, so totally not a bad thing, right?

Now for a few clips.

This first from Gateway Pundit:

I’m so happy to hear that Obama is able to use his position to find new wonderful locals to take Michelle on vacation. The two have only been able to take 16 since he was emacualted, darn it, but I’m sure there will be a few more before re-election.

[reader poll – how many vacations have YOU taken since Obama took office?]

This from White House Dossier – Obama’s schedule today:

No public events.

Big guy must be tired from all his “vacation scouting.”

From Darleen Click – Axelrod steps on his dick.

I know I don’t want to continue on the road we’re currently on.

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2 Comments on “YEA, it’s MONDAY/ get the week started/weekend review”

  1. Thank you David.

    You may take a cookie as you leave, but only if you do not tell M’Chel.

  2. Car in Says:

    It’s a good time to nab a cookie w/o Michelle taking notice. She’s got four fundraisers in two days -plus a drive-by “office visit” so the taxpayers pick up most of the tab.

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