Judging By the Color of the Skin…

… of the person who killed you.

Two must read pieces from National Review:

The Murders That Don’t Count and Too Young to Die.

Blacks are under attack. By other blacks.

From the first piece:

Last year, Charinez Jefferson, 17, was shot and killed on a Chicago street. “She begged the shooter not to shoot her because she was pregnant,” a pastor explained. The alleged assailant, Timothy Jones, 18, shot her in the head, chest and back after seeing her walking with a rival gang member. New York Times columnist Charles Blow did not write a column about Jefferson’s killing as a symbol of the perils of being a young black woman in America.

The family of Jones claimed he was innocent:

A police source told the Chicago Tribune that Jones was a ‘stick-up man’ well known to authorities. At the time of the shooting, the young man was on a two-year probation order for a 2010 burglary conviction.

He also has a ‘lengthy’ juvenile record, including convictions for unlawful use of a weapon, possession of a stolen motor vehicle and burglary, the court heard.

Outside the courtroom, Jones’s relatives denied that he is a member of a gang. They said he could not be guilty of murdering Miss Jefferson because he can ‘barely walk’ after he was shot in the leg several weeks ago.

‘My condolences go out to the young lady and her family, but we know 100 percent that they got the wrong guy,’ Jones’s cousin, Stanley Jones, told the Tribune.

From the second piece, by Lee Habeeb, we learn that from time Obama has been in office, 530 young people have been killed in Chicago. Mostly minorities. Killed by other minorities. No white Hispanic to rally outrages against. And since next to nothing is being done about this, what are black families to do?

Blacks are fleeing northern urban centers in record numbers, many of them heading back to the South in what has been called “the Great Return.” They are fleeing the crime and the awful schools and seeking opportunity and a better quality of life.

Between 2000 and 2010, an estimated 1,336,097 blacks moved to seven major southern cities alone, according to the Brookings Institute, which compiled the most recent data from the U.S. Census. Today, 57 percent of the country’s black population lives in the South, a 50-year high.

Young black males are killing one another in epic proportions, and blacks are moving in record numbers from cities like Chicago and Detroit, and the media just yawn.

That story doesn’t interest the mostly white editors and gatekeepers of the mainstream media, who presume such stories won’t draw ratings, especially from a white majority insulated from the problems of inner-city life.

No one cares when black kill each other. Or, let’s be honest – the black leadership doesn’t care, and the media doesn’t care.

And, Obama doesn’t- honestly- seem to care that much either.

He hasn’t even seen fit to have a beer summit over the issue.

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2 Comments on “Judging By the Color of the Skin…”

  1. wctaqiyya Says:

    OK, I will. Be the first to comment I mean. Yeah, they have a code, don’t ya know. The ‘blacks’ and their ostensible ‘leadership’ have a code. They understand why all that black on black violence doesn’t matter. But white folks don’t, because it’s in code. Black on white crime is in some other code, I think. Not sure if anyone has that one cracked yet. Might could be that blacks don’t much care for whites. Or maybe they struggle with residual slave resentments their leaders won’t let them overcome. It seems fairly certain, from the available anthropological evidence, that blacks are most comfortable being killed by blacks. Curiously, one black tenured professor suggested that since ancient times, the African tribes were bribed to war against each other by Muslim slavers. The dark complected slavers then transported the prisoners of those wars to wherever they were needed. Significantly, all of the required violence and death was black on black on almost black. And, since that is how it was, that is how it should be. Or, so say the experts. One thing is almost sure, because Obama’s ancestors were Muslim slavers, the blacks in America don’t seem to mind a bit that his policies are destroying them. It’s kinda like old home week and they would never vote for anyone else.

  2. Hotspur Says:

    Or it may be that they’re spoiling for a race war, and they don’t give two shits if blacks kill blacks, as long as they can violently demonstrate against whitey.

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