The Media is being … untruthful? I’m shocked

It appears there are more media distortions out there besides the transcript of the 911 call, a href=””>Zimmerman v Martin – not as mismatched as previously thought.

The narrative has been :

The Times, March 16 2012:

“Everybody is outraged,” said Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s father. “There is no justice in this. The public is outraged because my son only had snacks in his pocket, no weapon whatsoever, not even a fingernail file. For him to be murdered by someone who weighs more than 100 pounds than him, more than 10 years older than him, this is an outrage.”

I actually think the media just rode the horse that the father saddled up. That’s my guess, anyway.

Again and again we’ve been told that baby-faced Trayvon was being stalked by a man who had 100 pounds on him. The NYT reported yesterday that Zimmerman was only 5’7″ and 170 versus Martin’s 6’1″ and 150. The police report had Martin at 160.

And then there’s this:

Here is what Robert Zimmerman said is his son’s explanation: Trayvon was on top, punching and slamming his head into the paved sidewalk. When nobody answered his calls for help, he tried to slide onto the grass. But in doing so, the holstered gun in his waistband became visible.

“It is a little bit cloudy,” the father said. “But George believes Trayvon saw the pistol, was going to get it, and said: ‘You are going to die tonight.’ Shortly after that, George drew the pistol and shot him.”

The police have said that this account, at least in its broadest outlines, is backed up by witnesses, most of whom have not spoken publicly.

But the horse (the protests) is already out of the barn. They will accept nothing but the arrest, and successful prosecution of Zimmerman.

Speaking at the rally Sunday, the Rev. Jesse Jackson said the case was about ending all types of racial profiling — not just in criminal cases, but by banks, insurance companies and in the job market.

“End profiling now,” the civil rights activist said to applause.

Jackson also said Martin’s case illustrated the high number of black students who are suspended from school. A report issued by the U.S. Department of Education last month found that black students are more than three times as likely as their white peers to be suspended or expelled. Martin had been suspended from school for having a baggie that contained marijuana residue shortly before he was killed.

“We must stop suspending our children,” Jackson said, asking the crowd to repeat: “Invest in them. Educate them.”

Oh, good LORD Jesse. We’ve BEEN TRYING. Why don’t you get your ass into a school and help? See how a policy of no-suspensions in an inner city school works out.

Weapon in your backpack? NO SUSPENSIONS.
Fighting in the hallway? NO SUSPENSIONS.

This is going to work great!

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3 Comments on “The Media is being … untruthful? I’m shocked”

  1. Jay in Ames Says:

    And, the baiting continues:

  2. Jay, it’s easier than working for a living.

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