Obama to collect money in Michigan


Tickets to the Henry Ford Museum event begin at $250; to attend a dinner and receive a photo, the cost is $5,000. Those interested in taking part in a “VIP rope line” must cough up $1,000.


The second event will take place at the home of Denise Ilitch and Jim Scalici in Bingham Farms. Tickets are $40,000 per person for a cocktail reception, formal photo and dinner, or $10,000 per person for a dinner and candid photo.

$40,000 per person? That’s $80,000 for a couple.

The $40,000 cost is higher than Michigan’s per capita income of $36,533 in 2011, according to the Commerce Department’sBureau of Economic Analysis.

But this is to insure that Teh One can continue to live in the White House, golf, and travel in the luxury to which he’s become accustomed.

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5 Comments on “Obama to collect money in Michigan”

  1. Car in Says:

    I’d say, the .001%

  2. The dinner and photo are $5K, but everyone is bitching about Gingrich charging $50???

    And $40K per person??? I thought all the wealthy had fled already??

  3. Car in Says:

    Well, we’ll see how many tickets they sell.

  4. The continuing refusal of a large swath of this country to see the reality of what this goober does and who he really is, day to day, is leading to me to start believing in chemtrails, mind control through my TV, and, quite possibly, voodoo.

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