Haven’t done American Idol in a While


American Idols versus Led Zepplin:

Elise Testone-

James Durbin-

Adam Lamberty-

David Cook –

Haley Reinhart-

Elise’s was by FAR the most outstanding. Absolutely incredible, to be perfectly honest. James Durbin’s wasn’t bad, Adam Lambert’s was WAY too campy and lacked soul, while David Cook’s was competent, but a tad boring. Haley Reinhart did a pretty good job- although I think Elise’s Zepplin was by FAR the best.

Did I miss any?

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2 Comments on “Haven’t done American Idol in a While”

  1. iron308 Says:

    I can’t argue with your assessments of the various contestants Carin, but I preferred Durbin’s just for the live club performance and his drummer.

  2. Car in Says:

    Well, Durbin’s was done more as a “band” song – while Elise’s was shortened to show her voice. I wonder what she could have done with the full 6 min song …with band.

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