Neo-Nazi or Muslim? You guess

The shooter in France is allegedly a Jihadist? I am just shocked.

The 24 year-old, known as Mohammed, told police he was a jihadist for al Qaeda seeking revenge for Palestinian children and French military postings overseas.

I sooooo thought they were onto something when they suspected he was a Neo-Nazi, which some are still reporting.

The Neo-Nazi angle wasa popular one, because Islam is the religion of peace, so it couldn’t have been one of them.

There are beings who have no respect for life. When you grab a little girl to put a bullet in her head, without leaving her any chance, you are a monster. An anti-Semitic monster, but first of all a monster,” he said.

Focus fell Tuesday on three paratroopers who had been expelled from their regiment near Toulouse in 2008 for neo-Nazi sympathies, a police official said. The killer on Monday handled large-calibre guns with expertise, leading some to suspect he had a military or police background.

And when you think of antisemitism now-a-days, who FIRST pops into your head? Neo-nazis.

Of course. Untold numbers of antisemitic Muslims living in France, but let’s check out those three paratroopers with neo-nazi sympathies.

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4 Comments on “Neo-Nazi or Muslim? You guess”

  1. This is what national suicide looks like.

  2. agiledog Says:

    And what is with all this waiting for the guy to surrender, in his own time? They’ve evacuated the building, they know he is in there – go get him! Pussies.

  3. Hotspur Says:

    They’re french?

  4. AD, there is a whole protocol to French controntation, and it takes a long time to properly prepare their white flags.

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