Oh Really?

Last night, British Prime Minister David Cameron:

Cameron said he cited Obama’s “strength” because “Barack has been strong when required to defend his national interests.” He pointed to the killing Osama Bin Laden, an operation that is partially attributable to capabilities put in place by Bush.

The British leader asserted that Obama is continuing the work of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks by waging a modern struggle for civil rights.

Our generation faces a new civil rights struggle, to seek the prize of the future that is open to every child as never before.

Barack has made this one of the goals of his presidency, the goal he’s pursuing with enormous courage.


“The Obama Economy: Blacks, Hispanics, Hardest Hit”.

While this guy, Barack Obama, has presided over the United States of America, the plight of blacks and Hispanics has worsened significantly, and to a much greater degree than it has for whites (for whom the past three years also haven’t exactly been easy), pleasing the imaginary group I described earlier.

Amazingly, at least at first glance, Obama’s economic failures haven’t visibly infuriated those his misguided policies have hurt the most. His defenders and his party have gone out of their way to excuse his mistakes and are working feverishly on behalf of his reelection. The reason for this should now be obvious: They subscribe to what Bell believed.

What Bell believed was that blacks couldn’t advance in the current legal and constitutional system, and that only through radical transformation of our society could they achieve their goals.

And Obama wanted us to open our hearts and minds to this man.

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2 Comments on “Oh Really?”

  1. Please.

    He won’t even protect and defend the Constitution. And MLK wouldn’t even know what to say to this guy.

  2. Svenster Says:

    David Cameron is supposed to be the leader of Britain’s Conservative Party. You would think that, along with the multiple insults directed at the Brits by President Obama would be enough to discourage such butt kissing. But no…

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