Who Controls The Narrative?

This Woman.

Well,not JUST her. There are many others out there. Just. Like. Her. Via James Taranto we find this article, which posits this theory about the Angry White Woman:

The Susan G. Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood, both led by white women, have engaged in a dispute over funding that could result in the lives of thousands of low-income black women being put at risk.

No one wonders why the voices of the black poor are silent.

Perhaps the answer is obvious: the white woman decides who gets heard in such matters. By her own efforts, but also through her unique access to wealthy men, she builds institutions to support her causes. Other women may sit at the table, but she alone speaks on their behalf.

Or, at least, overwhelmingly on their behalf. So what is the woman in the above picture angry about?

“To be honest with you, we are rattled because just a few years ago this nation was brought to the absolute brink and we nearly lost everything,” Doyle said in a telephone interview. “If you were comfortable in your lifestyle, had your Colonial home with a picket fence and thought ‘this is my entitlement, I am supposed to have this,’ and then learn that it can all go away in a hot New York minute? And instead of creating jobs, helping us stay in our homes, improving roads and schools, these dangerous men are in the state legislature obsessing over our wombs.”

I really don’t think anyone in legislature really care that much about what is going on in Doyle’s womb. And given her age, there really isn’t that much happening, given that her reproductive years are well behind her.

For the white woman, perhaps, it is the fear of losing the rights that she’d come to take for granted that has led to the explosive displays of rage. For the black woman, thwarted in her drive to win some of those same rights, fear of not getting what she deserves is probably fueling a silent fury that will soon erupt as well.

Uhm … except that this debate isn’t about losing any rights. It’s about who pays for your little pill. Which, from my reading of the Constitution, is not a “right”.

So, what the above woman is doing- and others like her – is controlling the narrative. Shaping the debate, misrepresenting the issue. Driving other white women into a similar, misinformed, frenzy.

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4 Comments on “Who Controls The Narrative?”

  1. Hotspur Says:

    Someone should pork her.

  2. Egad. The reality is that President Obama is playing a very smart political game. He puts an unconstitutional mandate in place and misdirects to make it all about a supposed ‘war on women’ by the GOP.

    He’s relying on his media water carriers to help with the message, but ultimately his strategy is based on one political calculation: That women are fucking stupid. I hope that it isn’t successful, but I’m not sure that I’m willing to bet on that hope.

  3. Car in Says:

    I’m not sure if it’s ‘smart’- I mean, Bill Clinton was smart.

    This game- it is a game- is reliable because he knows the media will do all the work.

    I refuse to ascribe “smart” to anything Obama does.

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