Monday Morning Report

First, some good news.

Disapproval of President Obama’s handling of the economy is heading higher — alongside gasoline prices — as a record number of Americans now give the president “strongly” negative reviews on the 2012 presidential campaign’s most important issue, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Increasingly pessimistic views of Obama’s performance on the economy — and on the federal budget deficit — come despite a steadily brightening employment picture and other signs of economic improvement, and they highlight the political sensitivity of rising gas prices.

I mean, good news for Republicans, of course. Not so good for Obama. But, he only has himself to blame.


President Obama is fond of blaming his troubles on an obstructionist Congress, though he had massive majorities in both houses for two years — and the reason the House of Representatives now opposes him is simply because it was ordered to do so by the same voters he believes wanted him to go even further down the path he was heading.

In essence, in every speech, Obama is telling citizens, “Don’t blame me. Blame yourselves for voting in all those Republicans.” He omits to mention that, for three-quarters of the Clinton presidency and all of the Reagan presidency, the House was in the hands of the opposition.

Yea, well, Obama is not Clinton or Reagan.

Whole article Here.

Of course, Obama is to blame for nothing, and certainly not the high gas prices, so he’s been touring the country announcing just that, and mocking the Repbulican candidates and their “three point plan”. But …

Contrary to what it would now have you believe, choking off production under federal leases was quite clearly a priority of this administration from the start. When gas prices reached $4 per gallon in the summer of 2008, the Bush administration reached a bipartisan agreement to open virtually all of the OCS to oil production, ending a thirty-year moratorium. In its first weeks, the Obama administration shelved the plan. Last year, Obama announced a new five-year plan effectively closing all of America’s OCS until 2017, leaving only northern Alaska and the central and western Gulf of Mexico open to drilling.

Now the Obama administration claims that it has actually opened more of the OCS to exploration than before. But that is true only in the sense that he first closed off all of what he could close, then opened up a small fraction of that. But the net effect has been to close nearly all of the OCS that was open when he assumed office.

Even in the few areas of the OCS that remain open, the administration is seeking to strangle production. As a result of the various deep-water drilling moratoriums, a third of the Gulf’s deep-water drilling rigs have left for other shores, dissuaded by the regulatory uncertainty. As a result of the shallow-water “permitorium” even shallow-water drilling has slowed to a crawl. According to the Department of Energy, oil production from the Gulf of Mexico will drop by 700,000 barrels per day by the end of 2012, which further decreases in ensuing years.

When Obama’a lips move, he is LYING.

Finally, Obama’s superbusy day, from White house Dossier :

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:00 am || Participates in interviews about his energy plans with TV anchors from the Los Angeles, Denver, Austin, Des Moines, Orlando, Cincinnati, Las Vegas, and Pittsburgh markets
2:50 pm || Meets with local elected leaders representing the National League of Cities

So, his day starts nice and early at 10,then he has a bunch of campaigning at 11, but what the heck is this “National League of Cities”?


The National League of Cities is an organization that advocates for stronger local government. It is a taxpayer-funded lobbying association. It works with 49 state municipal leagues, representing more than 19,000 cities, villages, and towns. More than 1,600 municipalities of all sizes pay dues to NLC and participate as voting members in the organization. It was founded in December 1924.[1]

Funny, though, reading through their website, there is a lot of talk about getting federal funds for this and that program. So, stronger local government through Federal funds?

What kind of alternate reality is this?

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2 Comments on “Monday Morning Report”

  1. beasn Says:

    What ‘steadily brightening economy’?

  2. PCachu Says:

    The employment picture is only “steadily brightening” because they keep using Photoshop to push up the brightness and wash out the contrast. (Which, metaphorically, is what the U-3 numbers do when they omit people who’ve given up looking for work as though they no longer exist.) That makes it easier for the fourth-estate lapdogs to ignore the long-term “funemployed” and keep the Happy Malaise Are Here Again chorus going for their boyfriend.

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