Worst Idea Ever

Michigan Democrats have a new vote buying scheme plan – to give anyone attending k-12 in MICHIGAN and graduates $9,500 a year toward college tuition.

How are they going to pay for it? HuffPOO esplains:

Their proposal for funding has not been clearly laid out, but Michigan Radio reports that the Democrats have several plans, including closing tax loopholes, ending tax credits and collecting sales tax from out-of-state retailers.

What about “eliminating waste?” They should throw that one in for good measure.

This is a HORRIBLE idea. Kids completely undervalue the free education currently provided; that K-12 tab picked up by the taxpayer. It’s a right and they “deserve” it, but it’s treated as a burden and a bane by too many who merely pass the time until they graduate. The lack of respect many kids have toward public education, mixed-in with the dumbing-down that’s occurred to accommodate students unwilling to do the hard work, have resulted in test scores that -at best – have flat lined or declined. All the while costing us more and more money.

But, you know, let’s apply this model to college!

Michigan’s high-school-graduation rate is only 76 percent, and even most grads are not “college ready,” judging by their ACT scores. (“College ready” means a score of at least 18 in English, 22 in math, 21 in reading, and 24 in science. These scores give students a 50 percent chance of getting Bs or higher in college-level courses, or a 75 percent chance of getting Cs or higher.) At only 40 high schools in the entire state are more than 30 percent of graduates college-ready, and at more than half of the high schools, fewer than 10 percent of grads are college-ready. With college readiness this low — and with about 60 percent of Michigan high-school grads going directly to college as it is — it is doubtful that expanding access to college will do any good.

But, let’s send them off to college and have the taxpayer pick up the tab. I’m sure these same students who blew off high school will get serious in college. Because it’s free and all.

In fact, based on the current performance of college students in Michigan, too many, not too few, people are going to college in the state. Only 59 percent of Michigan college students graduate within six years (which is similar to the national average); the number is as low as 32 percent at the lowest-caliber schools.

I’m sure this is racist.

The problem is too MANY kids go to college, not too few. 40% who go to college end up working jobs that do not require a college degree. And 45% of student, according to “Academically Adrift” “demonstrated no significant gains in critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and written communications during the first two years of college.”

Marginal students shouldn’t go to college – even community college – unless they are seeking a specific skill, many of which don’t require a four-year degree (or shouldn’t.)

This fantasy plan is “expected” to cost (which means it will cost more) $1.7 billion.

Yea, no thanks.

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2 Comments on “Worst Idea Ever”

  1. You think it would be expensive now, wait until the the colleges all ratchet up tuition and the students seek to expand this “right” in order to compensate.

    Get the Hell out before they bleed you dry.

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