Finds Americans to be the worst tourists.

Americans topped the list as being the worst-behaved travelers in a survey of 5,600 respondents, 4,000 of whom were Americans. Other respondents were in Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom. But even American respondents buttonholed their compatriots as the worst travelers from a list of 16 nationalities. (Canadians and Australians also put Americans in the No. 1 spot. Irish respondents pointed to U.K. residents and U.K. respondents gave Germans the nod. On the other hand, 37% of Americans opted for “none of the above” in answer to the worst-tourists question, displaying more tolerance and open-mindedness than the other nationalities.)

Humn, interesting. American travelers listed their fellow Americans as the worst travelers.

Quick question – who travels abroad? Only 37% (up from 21% in 2008) of Americans own a passport, so …

What I’m guessing is that it isn’t the hordes of us living in the flyover states that are the “rude American” travelers. I’ve only been out of the continental US once, and most of the folks who live around me have never been overseas (unless they were in the military).

Firstly :

. Most family vacations in America are to other parts of America. Why? Because the U.S.A. takes up a whole continent, and we have all the world’s environments in our states. Need beaches? Head to Florida. The tropics? Hawaii. Desert? Arizona. The cold tundra? Alaska. Temperate forests? Washington.

The US has not just “environments”, but a very wide variety of vacation activity options here in the US. You can travel through history (albeit only a few hundred years, but WHAT a history), or enjoy just about ANY outdoor activities. Golfing. Scuba diving. Camping. Mountain climbing. Skiing. Hiking. Biking. Boating. The list is endless.

And, Foreign travel is very EXPENSIVE.

I’m not afraid of traveling somewhere exotic, I’d LOVE to.

But I cannot afford it.

So, I’ll just stick to the good old USA for now.

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2 Comments on “SHOCKING NEW POLL”

  1. Hotspur Says:

    If you want to know about rude American tourists, just talk to my wife. I don’t know how she does it. I tell them to shove it up their ass.

  2. Car in Says:

    I think people can be just generally rude. I’ve run into rude foreign tourists. I like when they pretend they don’t speak english or understand the way things are done and take cuts in line, etc.

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