Phoning it in Tuesday

I don’t feel well, been skiing for a few days, and while I’m full of piss and vinegar I don’t much feel like doing a post.

So, go read this because it’s excellent.

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3 Comments on “Phoning it in Tuesday”

  1. Steve B Says:

    That is AWESOME! I love the “gotcha.” It seems like every person’s faith is somehow “scary” except Barack Obama’s, despite 20 years in a radical, Black Liberation Theology church.

    I found myself being somewhat “uncomfortable” about Santorum bring his faith so openly to the fore. And then, as a Christain, I had to ask myself why it made me so uncomfortable?

    Maybe because I was a little ashamed that he had the kind of boldness in his faith that I had to admit that I lacked?


  2. Car in Says:

    Steve – yesterday I heard Sean Hannity (whom I don’t often listen to) discuss this, and he mentioned that discussions like the one Santorum has brought to light follow in the tradition of Dante, C.S. Lewis and other giants.

    The “problem” I think is that you average voter isn’t used to such weighty issues. They really don’t understand the discussion, so they water it down. I think, honestly, it’s sort of a mistake for him to mention these things simply because people are unprepared for it. It’s as if he were speaking in tongues, not because they aren’t church goers (necessarily) but because they are … uneducated.

  3. Steve B Says:

    And probably, yes, a little because people AREN’T church goers as much anymore, or if they are, their churches have shied away from the old school, Biblical fundamentals, so while the stuff Santorum is tossing out there used to be “mainstream” Christianity, maybe these days not so much. Which is really sad.

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