Justifiable Homicide on the Rise in Detroit

Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder is preparing to announce a state-led effort to tackle the crippling crime in it’s most dangerous cities- Detroit, Flint, Saginaw, and Pontiac.

In Detroit, unemployment is at 20%, and homicides rose 12% last year to 344. Residents are taking matters into their own hands: 10% of all homicides in the city last year were ruled justifiable. “A lot of citizens are just protecting themselves from home invasion,” said the deputy police chief, Morris Wells.

I think he should just get more guns into the hands of responsible citizens, so they can protect themselves from the violence around them. I can’t find any national stats on this, but 10% seems pretty high.

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6 Comments on “Justifiable Homicide on the Rise in Detroit”

  1. Maybe he needs to make a call to the Justice Department and tell AG Holder that he’s got a bunch of drug dealers he needs to help out with some sweet, sweet weapons.

  2. Car in Says:

    Oh, nothing nefarious like that needed. I’d just like that bloviating ass Mitch Albom to shut up about how legally obtained guns shouldn’t be in the hands of citizens. He never wants to talk about the person who defended themselves – and would snarkily add (w/o statistics) that usually a legal gun for home defense ends up in a tragic event.

  3. Jay in Ames Says:

    So, Michigan has adopted the “they had it coming!” defense.

  4. Car in Says:

    No, “I’ve” adopted this. I’m alone in trumpeting in this great stat. I’m perfectly ok with a thug breaking into a house getting capped.

    I say more of it.

  5. Every time a goblin is dispatched, an angel gets its wings.

    Seriously though, why do people not get that this is one flank of a multi-pronged attack on the very notion of private property rights?

  6. iron308 Says:

    Michigan is a Castle Doctrine State, which gives some measure of protection from civil and criminal charges if they properly act in self defense.


    Up until a few years ago we were a ‘Duty to Retreat’ state and you were opening yourself up to all manner of liability if you had to dispatch criminal threatening you life.

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