Saturday Reads

Environmentalism and the Leisure Class. Or, why the wealthy are just fine about halting progress. They’re not going to experience a black out during a power shortage.
And, of course, Saturday means a new Mark Steyn article, which asks the question – Is it all a big metaphor?

Since the economic downturn of 2008, the Titanic metaphor — of a Western world steaming for the iceberg but unable to correct course — has become a little overworked, the easiest cliché for any politician attempting to project urgency. But let’s assume they’re correct, and we’re heading full steam for the big ’berg. When we hit, what’s the likelihood? That our response will be as ordered and civilized as those on the Titanic? Or that we will descend into the hell of the Concordia?

Women and children first? Or well men knock down little old ladies, mothers, and children in their dash for the lifeboats?

Offered without comment From the Corner:

If Romney is the nominee, Rob Portman and Bob McDonnell will be the two VP finalists.

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