I LOVE Disney World.

So, yesterday Obama took over Disney World for the optics of giving a speech with the Magic Kingdom in the background. But this is what it looked like when he gave his speech.

Getty Images

More here.

To give this speech,of course, all the PAYING visitors had to be evacuated from the area, and herded to other parts of the magic kingdom. So, who did Teh One could give is speech to? Oh, here they are:

So … he closes Main Street in Disney World, for HOURS, so he can give a 13 minute speech to a handful of people in suits, with the castle in the background? From The Stir:

In front of a crowd of roughly 300 Disney employees and invited guests, Obama discussed his plans to make the U.S. the “top tourist destination in the world.” The only problem is … did he have to shut down Main Street in Disney World to make that point? The irony is almost too thick to stand.
While the President gave his speech, tourists, with pockets full of money and screaming children just begging for toys and treats, were relegated away from “downtown” Disney and were sequestered in back lots of the park usually only seen by employees. They were diverted away from Main Street and were forced to start their Disney adventure in Tomorrowland.

Those are just little people. A 13 minute speech with good optics is much more important than the diverted vacation plans of taxpayers and lost revenue for Disney World. It’s an election year. Duh.


I just discovered that the HuffPoo has a “black voices” section. huh.

*cuts self


Here’s Obama singing-

Didn’t like that?

Ok, here’s something else-

Ok, let’s just all take a deep breath, forget I posted that stuff, and watch THIS –

Sweet Sohita shared this with me a bit ago, and I just love love love it.

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5 Comments on “FIAF”

  1. Steve B Says:

    I don’t get the new anti-Nickleback meme. I’ve got one and I love it. Is this one of things, like w/Rebecca Black, where no matter what you really think, you’re “supposed” to hate Nickleback cuz that’s what’s cool?

  2. Car in Says:

    No, my Nickleback dealo is grassroots. They’ve ruined rock music. I blame them, yes I do.

    They really weren’t “so” bad, just kinda bland rock (a few of their songs were ok) but then … THEN – everyone started sounding like them. EVERYONE. YOu really couldn’t tell if they were nickleback or one of the many other sound-alike bands. You couldn’t listen to rock stations w/o hearing Nickleback and it’s many clones.

    A funny commenter over at Protein Wisdom joked YEARS back that the singer always sounded so … earnest. He used to crack me up about it.

  3. Obama: Ruining reality for Moms and Dads and fantasy for their children since 2008.


  4. Car in Says:

    Obama : closing down Main Streets since 2008

  5. I think this was a massive fail for Obama that some “clever” young guy came up with in his adviser team. It made him seem like a jerk pandering to special people and cutting others off from fun. Just a foolish stunt all the way around.

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