New Year’s Resolutions?


I don’t really make “resolution” resolutions, because I’m a big believer that if you want to change something about yourself, you should simply begin immediately. But last year I challenged myself to read a book a week.

I failed.

In my defense, some of the books were ones that I’d wanted to get through previously, but simply couldn’t manage the slog. More than one took a month or longer to complete. I want to put them all up, but it will take a while to do it properly, so I’ll just add to this post as I go. Some I’ll comment on, others I won’t. Whatever floats my boat at the time.

Anyway – resolutions. In comments. Or book recommendations for the new year. Anything.


The books:

1) C.S. Lewis “Mere Christianity”
2) William F. Buckley “Nearer My God”
3) Arthur Brooks “Gross National Happiness”
4) Orson Scott Card “Empire”
5) Eric Haney “Inside Delta Force”
6) Marcus Lattrell “Lone Surivor”
7) John Kenedy O’Toole “Confederacy of Dunces”
8) Orson Scott Card “Pathfinder”
9) Allie Condie “Matched”
10) Catherine Fisher “Incarceron”

These first ten I read through pretty fast – probably by February. I was on a roll. This was going to be so easy. I’d read 100 books at this rate. And then …

11) George Elliot “Middlemarch”

I think this one took me at least a month, if not longer. It had been on my reading pile for a long time and I was determined to get through it in 2011. My goal wasn’t just to read a book a week, but to actually knock those books out I’d had staring at me FOR EVER. So, after I finished “Middlemarch” I needed a few easy/quick books to get the ball rolling again.

12) Glenn Beck “Overton’s Window
13) Irvine Welsh “Crime” (sean suggested this one)

And then came ….

14) Umberto Echo “Foucault’s Pendulum”

This was another month of my precious reading time. Perhaps longer. Do NOT read this book. It doesn’t get better. Buy the book, if you must, and put it on your shelve to impress visitors. They most likely never read it themselves, so they’re not going to call bullshit on you.

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11 Comments on “New Year’s Resolutions?”

  1. DougieOh Says:

    Foucault’s Pendulum. Bought it in hardcover when we were still living in the shack. Finally donated it, with only 100 pages read, last year. Want to buy it again and force myself to read it, just to be able to tell myself that this damn book didn’t beat me.

  2. Car in Says:

    Don’t do it Doug. I’m serious. Let the book beat you.

  3. See, I love Lewis’ apologetics, but there is no way in Hell I can read them quickly. One chapter in “The Problem of Pain” took me a week. He packs a lot into a very small space.

  4. Car in Says:

    The entire list above went quickly, but Lewis’s book I didn’t rush. Some of those books I read in a day, though. 1 and 2 on the list probably took two weeks.

  5. daveintexas Says:

    crosses “read Carin’s blog” off my list.

  6. Car in Says:


    Are you sure it didn’t say “Read Carin’s blog DAILY”?

  7. Vmaximus Says:

    I try to read 1 serious book for every fun book I buy. The problem is I can read 10 in a week and then it takes me a month to read the serious book.

    My resolution is to cut the ratio down to a chapter instead of the whole book.

  8. Car in Says:

    Yes, see that is really the issue. Fun books are done in nothing, but – often – they’re easily forgotten. Some of the books I read this year I already have trouble remembering.

    Those meatier books take a lot longer to read, but you remember them.

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  10. Mrs. Peel Says:

    I like Goodreads for that reason – I review every book after I read it, and that helps me remember them and also motivates me to devote more time to reading something I haven’t already read a million times, because if I’ve already reviewed it on Goodreads…

  11. No resolutions for moi, either.

    Books? Whatever I can get my hands on. Except manuals. Forget that.

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