I’ve had it

With Detroit.

Someone stole the pipes from our house in Detroit.

I am so over Detroit. I am so over it’s problems and it’s criminals and it’s population that doesn’t give a shit. That figures it’s problems are for someone else to come and solve. Detroiters can take and take and take – because being a good person is just too fucking much to ask.

Where do things go from here?

What happens when a city descends into financial and moral crises?

I’ve got to go and clean up the mess. Perhaps I’ll have more to say later.

Now it’s time to go to my happy place.

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5 Comments on “I’ve had it”

  1. Brian L. Says:

    Oof, sorry to hear of your troubles with the lawless! Best wishes in cleaning up the house. I hope you can divest yourself of that liberal dreamland ASAP! 😦

  2. Car in Says:

    Thanks. I don’t know if there is any way to “divest”, short of just giving the house away.

  3. Svenster Says:

    Mayor Bing is a do-nothing phoney lacking any coherent idea on reversing the continuing catastrophe in Detroit. He is probably stealing less than Kwame; but lacks the balls to take on the unions and other thugs that run the city. The city council is largely a bunch of parasites feeding on the carcass. Most of the residents don’t give a damn, or they would have changed things by now. Governor Snyder will be very concerned but also do nothing meaningful. Happy New Year!

  4. There is only one way to clean up after that kind of mess, Car in.

    It requires a flamethrower.

  5. wpdunn71901 Says:

    from the “Paris of the West” to Mad Max
    Take Off, Nuke it from Orbit
    It’s the only way to be sure

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