Christamas break …

So, this and that for today.

Ok, this here is just funny


People just want to work, right? Wrong. Many people don’t want to work. They just want to lay on their ass while other people support them.

The Social Security Disability Insurance program was created in the 1950s to provide financial support and health care for Americans no longer able to work because of injury or ill health, covering them until they get better or retirement benefits kick in. These days, an influx of applicants with moderate, potentially manageable health issues is contributing to a growing backlog of cases and adding to financial stress on the system.

Because many people who are awarded disability benefits stay in the program until they qualify for retirement benefits, the phenomenon has the potential to burden the system beyond the current economic slump. There now are 10.6 million Americans collecting disability, up from 7.2 million in 2002.

Once a person gets disability, they are there for life.


Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory:

A residual American military presence in Iraq would have helped us achieve three security goals: striking al Qaeda and Iranian terrorists still active in Iraq; helping train Iraqi security forces; and dampening tensions along the “green line,” the contested demarcation between the Kurdish north and Arab south. Our withdrawal makes all three objectives more difficult to sustain.

Not to mention what it would say to Iran.

It did not have to be this way. Last year, American military commanders recommended retaining a minimum of 20,000 troops after 2011 to maintain stability. Quiet diplomacy had secured the agreement of Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani not to oppose a continued American presence. That gave Mr. Maliki maneuvering room with his Islamist followers.

But this summer, extensive leaks in Washington made clear that the administration was prepared to consider a residual force of only 3,000. Such a force would be barely sufficient to provide for its own protection, let alone carry out the three necessary security tasks. This was understood in Baghdad—but how could an Iraqi leader ask for more troops than the U.S. government was offering? They could only conclude that the American government was not serious about staying on.

The administration compounded the problem with its approach to the question of immunities for our troops if they were to stay on. Naturally the U.S. had to insist on those immunities, which have been an essential feature of all Status of Forces Agreements we have signed over the past half century—including the one with Iraq. This issue was sensitive for Iraqi politicians but the American approach made it impossible by insisting that the Iraqi Parliament, not just the government, had to approve any immunities.

Must have been the awesome work of Obama’s Secretary of State. She’s just a genius.

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10 Comments on “Christamas break …”

  1. wiserbud Says:

    Once a person gets disability, they are there for life.

    Well, forgive me please, but if you think that this person does not qualify for life-long benefits, paid for by you and I, well then I just don’t know what this world is coming to anymore.


  2. wiserbud Says:

    by the way… “Christamas???”


  3. DougieOh Says:

    Best part about that picture of the Dear Leader’s portrait being motored around is that’s a 1972 Lincoln. Damn those Yankee Imperialists!

  4. Car in Says:

    Proof reading is for the little people, Wiser.

  5. Car in Says:

    est part about that picture of the Dear Leader’s portrait being motored around is that’s a 1972 Lincoln. Damn those Yankee Imperialists!

    It is so fukksize large, I can only imagine the plebes kissing up to the new dear leader, each suggesting an ever-large portrait.

  6. wpdunn71901 Says:

    Car in, i agree i am on Disability and Pention ( Thank God The NAB are suckers) 98% disability
    My SO is on a disability we fought for 5 years to get her ON a work program, not a handout.
    neither of up drive a fancy car, eat steak or have a ton of bling, yet we are constantly being pulled in for “Administrative Review” i have told the SSA that all we need is help with the SO’s Medical Issues as we both work part time

    that (*%&$%*%$) asshat in Wiserbud’s Article is unfortunately the norm these days
    the SS office is ful of these poor sickly people that when their appointment is over, figuratively skip out of the office and into a $$$$ hummer or BMW

    my SO and I, we wait for the bus

  7. Car in Says:

    WP – my dad is on disability (one leg was amputated a few years back) as well, so don’t think I believe everyone is grafting the system.
    But, of course we’ve personally known people who are – an employees parents had BOTH parents on SSDI; had “overdosed” because they knew that was an easy way to qualify, and both were oxy addicts living off of the taxpayers.

  8. Jay in Ames Says:

    My MIL had a stroke a few years back, and is unable to work a whole week. Just wears her out too quickly. She has worked as a waitress for a long time, but no longer can. She is not eligible for SSDI.

    Not everyone can get enrolled. I know how WPDunn feels.

  9. Car in Says:

    You know, it’s funny about waitresses and what not – my husband always likes to bring up the fact that waitresses are working until they die to support teachers who retire at 55.

    funny that.


    Well let the waitresses get their OWN union.


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