Today is a day for wrapping presents and making cookies …

And dabbling around the web:

Ba haa haa haaa

President Obama has a trait that Republicans should appreciate. He’s utterly transparent. His motives are anything but hidden. No matter what he says, it’s abundantly clear that he has one thing in mind these days: getting reelected.

It’s funny, because it’s TRUE. That’s the trick with comedy -memo to the ladies of The View.

Another funny, because -honestly – don’t we need a bit of that right now- from a review of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:

If you are unfamiliar with the story (which was, along with the rest of the trilogy, made into a successful series of Swedish films released in the U.S. last year), put your expectations for subtlety at the level marked “undergraduate.”


This article will make you want to cut yourself. You’ve been warned. Hanson does these pieces every so often, updating the decline of society as viewed from rural California. Theft. Vandalism. Garbage dumping.

There is, of course, a vague code of silence about who is doing the stealing, although occasionally the most flagrant offenders are caught either by sheriffs or on tape; or, in my typical case, run off only to return successfully at night. In the vast majority of cases, rural central California is being vandalized by gangs of young Mexican nationals or Mexican-Americans — in the latter case, a criminal subset of an otherwise largely successful and increasingly integrated and assimilated near majority of the state’s population. Everyone knows it; everyone keeps quiet about it — even though increasingly the victims are the established local Mexican-American middle class that now runs the city councils of most rural towns and must deal with the costs.

Out here in the Dark Ages we depend instead on truth from the oral tradition, in the manner of Homeric bards. Rural folk offer their stories of woe to help others deter crime, cognizant that official accounts in the media are either incomplete or censored to reflect a sort of Ministry of Truth groupthink.

From Detroit to rural California. We are FALLING APART.

*skips off to look for cookie recipes.

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7 Comments on “Today is a day for wrapping presents and making cookies …”

  1. f2000 Says:

    Fellow Detroit Moron,
    I usually do my rhetorical sparring at Thought you might be interested in their heavy handed comment board habits. It’s always been a left wing place but it looks like they are trying to eliminate any disagreement. Comments are disappearing without a word being said and commenters are being blocked.

    On top of that, the Freep team published a plainly false story written by two hard core occupy supporters posing as apolitical grandfathers on a journey of ideological discovery. One of the two is a life long revolutionary community organizer.

  2. Hotspur Says:

    Today is the day for mailing the Annual Christmas CD.

  3. Car in Says:

    I usually do my rhetorical sparring at

    I say save your powder for a more worthy adversary. I have little respect for their writers or editors, so don’t expect much from it’s readers.

    And don’t even get me started on their editorial cartoonist.

  4. Car in Says:

    Hotspur, how many times do I have to tell you. I didn’t find a single new thing this year worthy of creating a new mix. It’s a sad state, but the best I found was Carole King.

    Carol King!

    Would that have made you happy?

  5. Hotspur Says:

    No. Me not like Carol King. But I did listen to last year’s mix last night, so I’m good.

  6. Hotspur Says:

    I’ll listen to 2009’s tonight.


  7. Car in Says:

    Good 🙂

    i searched and searched for some good new music this year, it just wasn’t to be found.

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