Obama’s Busy Schedule For Today

10:30 am || Does a round of regional television interviews with WVEC, Norfolk, Virginia; WEAR, Pensacola, Florida; KOAA, Colorado Springs, Colorado; and KIRO, Seattle, Washington; Diplomatic Room
11:25 am || Delivers remars at fundraiser; Washington

Wow. Take it easy big guy, or you won’t be able to enjoy that 17 day holiday in Hawaii.

Countdown? He leaves in 4 days, which really means he only has 3 of these laborious days ahead of him. Three days to look at those 37 trees, and statues of Bo.

Of course, Obama is one of our greatest presidents ever. Don’t take my word for it. Take his:

President Obama suggested, during his recent CBS interview, that his domestic and foreign policy achievements over his first term surpass any other United States president, “with the possible exceptions” of Presidents Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson.

“I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president — with the possible exceptions of Johnson, F.D.R., and Lincoln,” Obama told Steve Kroft, “just in terms of what we’ve gotten done in modern history.

Amazing. And he’s not done. He apparently has “five more years of stuff to do.” I can only imagine.

Since I’m in a “this and that” mood – there’s this:

An Occupy Wall Street group will take to the House later this week, only this time the meeting is a planned occasion with the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Ten organizers from New York’s OWS group will speak to the caucus about their legislative priorities, according to an email sent to Members and obtained by Roll Call.

And that:

More than 1,000 Occupy Wall Street protesters blocked cargo trucks at busy West Coast ports Monday, forcing some shipping terminals in Oakland, Calif., Portland, Ore., and Longview, Wash., to halt operations.

While the protests attracted far fewer people than the 10,000 who turned out Nov. 2 to shut down Oakland’s port, organizers declared victory and promised more demonstrations to come.

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators disrupted port operations in Seattle on Monday night as police used pepper spray and percussion grenades to disperse the crowd

“The truckers are still here, but there’s nobody here to unload their stuff,” protest organizer Boots Riley said. “We shut down the Port of Oakland for the daytime shift and we’re coming back in the evening. Mission accomplished.”

Organizers hoped the “Shutdown Wall Street on the Waterfront” protests would cut into the profits of the corporations that run the docks and send a message that their Occupy movement isn’t finished.

And these folks are meeting with members of Congress.

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3 Comments on “Obama’s Busy Schedule For Today”

  1. MJ Says:

    You realize it’s possible that Obama doesn’t know any other presidents. He may be actually rating himself last, which I would agree with.

  2. Steve B Says:

    You know, far be it for me to be one to advocate violence, but perhaps some faux violence. I think 15 to 20 people with paintball guns might make short work of these douchebags.

    protests would cut into the profits of the corporations that run the docks

    And…also rob their 99% brethren who actual HAVE jobs of a days pay. That’ll show em! Way to show your support for the poor by…making more of them.

  3. Car in Says:

    Steve – I only wish I lived closer to where these douchebags have been protesting. THere was one in Detroit but it was so pathetic I didn’t have the heart.

    MJ – you may be right.

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