DNC and progressives are one and in other breaking news, water is wet

White House and Think Progress Merger Complete. Wonderful.

A senior Obama campaign official now runs CAP and Think Progress. A senior CAP strategist now helps run the 2012 campaign from inside the White House. The full embrace of CAP and Think Progress by the White House is just another sign that 2012 will be the nastiest campaign ever, with the truth the first victim.

The merger of the White House and Think Progress is just about complete. Think Progress is in control, or is the Obama campaign, or is there no difference anymore?

Jennifer Palmieri worked for various democrats and the White House in the past but then found a home at the Center for American Progress. Key word, of course, is progress. Progressives believe that humanity is on a progressive path; of ever evolving. We are evolving, they hope, into communists.

From their website:

As progressives, we believe America is a land of boundless opportunity, where people can better themselves, their children, their families, and their communities through education, hard work, and the freedom to climb the ladder of economic mobility.

We believe an open and effective government can champion the common good over narrow self-interest, harness the strength of our diversity, and secure the rights and safety of its people. And we believe our nation must always be a beacon of hope and strength to the rest of the world.

Progressives are idealistic enough to believe change is possible and practical enough to make it happen.

This is all rather pedestrian for anyone paying attention. Obama is a progressive (yawn), and he has the exact same agenda as those at the CAP.

Their website makes my head hurt.

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8 Comments on “DNC and progressives are one and in other breaking news, water is wet”

  1. Jay in Ames Says:

    GAH! The only thing missing from the CAP website is a hammer and sickle, or Che’s picture.

  2. Car in Says:

    The rebranding of communism as progressive ideology is one of the most dangerous political strategies of our time, I fear. Although that isn’t exactly IT, is it? It’s always been communist. It’s the manner in which they’ve been able to convince folks that “progressive” means something else.

    I mean, everyone likes “progress”, right? You get people to support progressive thought and ideas and candidates w/o even having a fucking clue what the ideology is behind it. It’s truly amazing.

    15years ago, no one would have proudly proclaimed themselves as a “progressive” because people would have looked that term up to see what it meant. Now-a-days, I think people don’t realize it’s an actual movement that goes back 100 years.

  3. As progressives, we believe America is a land of boundless opportunity [to steal from others while impugning their morals while waving a very fat lecture finger in their faces], where people can better themselves [in direct proportion to the use of other people’s money], their children [raised by that village, because parents cannot possibly make the correct decisions for their children], their families, and their communities through education which has become eclipsed by indoctrination], hard work as long as it is someone else’s], and the freedom to climb the ladder of economic mobility [as long as it isn’t too high, because that, of course, would not be fair].


  4. Car in Says:

    Well, you fixt it for CAP. Not me.

  5. Jay in Ames Says:

    Heh, and Progressives have already renamed themselves once. They became Liberals, taking away the term from another. Now that Liberal is a nasty word, we have to change it to something more positive.

    Good thing we are stupid, and don’t remember 5 minutes into the past. Wait…

  6. Car in Says:

    I don’t think that’s how it went. Communists re-named themselves as progressives and then co-opted liberals.

    Progressivism is the positive word for communism, not liberalism.

  7. Steve B Says:

    You now, this “narrow self-interest” stuff gets a bad rap. People are much more likely to support and defend a government that protects and promotes their ability to be safe, prosperous and secure, than one that stomps all over their individual rights in the name of “equity.”

    People are inherently selfish. But, most people understand that the best way to be able to get and keep your “stuff” is to live in a stable, free society. Emphasis on “free.”

  8. Car in Says:

    Steve, that is only true of people who haven’t progressed to the next step of humanity .

    Honestly, no shit.They think that man can be perfected on earth. That’s why they don’t want us worshipping anything that hints at the next life.

    No, we’ve got heaven right here. It resembles an OWS camp.

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