FIAF- 315,000th Edition

Obama campaigns on the the public Dime.

Of course he does.

President Obama jammed traffic in Manhattan on Tuesday. State business? No, he was raising campaign funds. It’s just the latest example of his questionable strategy of running for re-election by taking from the public.

And no, the public was not invited. Three stops the president made were strictly for fat-cat donors who paid as much as $36,000 a plate for the privilege, while reporters weren’t even permitted to cover the protests outside the hotels.

But the trip was hardly just between Obama and his donors. The three trips disrupted rush hour traffic in New York City and the annual lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, something that very much cost the public time and money. The only winner was Obama, who flew home with $2.4 million.

And what is he saying to those donors? Andrew Malcolm:

“Every single thing that we care about is at stake in the next election,” he told one donor group. “The very core of what this country stands for is on the line.”

So, the future of the entire country is now inextricably tied to Obama’s own reelection?

Such hyperbolic, hubristic claims are usually reserved for a campaign’s closing hours to prompt a last-minute spurt of political adrenalin among supporters. Not 341 days out. Not 10 months before even early voting opens. This couldn’t possibly be desperation! Already?

Here are several other points made by Obama to a possibly puzzled crowd assembled at the Gotham Bar and Grille:

“I’ve got to win in 2012.”

“In order to finish the job, I’m going to have to have a second term.”

“I need a couple more years to finish the job.”

“I’m going to need another term to finish the job.”

Good lord.

More shenanigans in the Senate:

So here’s the latest Democratic growth plan: Pay for a temporary tax cut that has already proven not to create jobs with a permanent tax increase that almost certainly will cost jobs.

That’s the essence of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s plan to finance a one-year payroll tax cut with a 3.25% income tax surcharge on upper-income Americans that would last for at least 10 years. Mr. Reid knows it can’t pass the House, and as we went to press it looked likely to fail even in the Senate.

But this is the way it goes in the Senate these days where the real goal isn’t to pass anything but to put Senate Republicans on the class-warfare spot. If they vote no, Mr. Reid and President Obama will claim that Republicans voted to deny a tax cut on the middle class. If they vote yes, he’ll taunt them for breaking with their tea party supporters and also backing a tax increase. Meanwhile, Democrats can posture as opponents of “the 1%” to consolidate their base going into an election year.

These fuckers are not serious. And why should they be? Even if the WORST should happen to them (they lose reelection), they are all pretty much set for life financially.


Unemployment numbers for November – 8.6%. I expect that will be trumpeted far and wide today.

Of course, the details will be ignored. Only 120K new jobs were added in November, and 400,000 new unemployment claims last week. WSJ:

Nonfarm payrolls rose by 120,000 last month, the U.S. Labor Department reported Friday in its monthly survey of employers. Private companies added 140,000 jobs, while the public sector—federal, state and local governments—lost 20,000 jobs.

The maths is hard.

The number of unemployed, according to the household survey, fell by 594,000 to 13.3 million. A broader measure that accounts for both job seekers and part-time workers who would prefer to be working full time–the so-called underemployed–fell to 15.6% from 16.2% in October.

And this:

Wages are up by 1.8% over the past 12 months, not keeping pace with overall inflation at 3.6%.

It’s not that I’m hoping that the economy tanks because I hate Obama -although that latter part is true. It is simply that I fail to see, on a personal level, any improvement in the economy. My unemployed friends are still unemployed (or underemployed.) People are still terribly in trouble with mortgages that are underwater. Cities are going bankrupt. Empty commercial real estate remains – empty. Neighborhoods are going to shit.

The reality is that the unemployment numbers are down because people have stopped looking for work. How many gave up? 315,000 peps.

Now, it’s time to forget all this horrible stuff:

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5 Comments on “FIAF- 315,000th Edition”

  1. Jewstin Says:

    Yer blog is snowing.

  2. Car in Says:

    I know. I bet xbrad did it.

  3. Steve B Says:

    while reporters weren’t even permitted to cover the protests

    Not permitted? NOT PERMITTED? And just who is preventing them from covering a public event? What, are there some grim, threatened consequences if they dare take a photo or video of these nefarious protesters?

    Sounds to me like they kinds suck at being “reporters.” More like “stander arounders.”

  4. Car in Says:

    I know. It’s unbelievable. But there have been reports of the reporters being kept in closets, etc. If it’s not in a public place, than they can be refused.

  5. Car in Says:

    Refused access, I should say.

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