Rambling Detroit Post

Umn, isn’t there some sort of Godwin’s law that applies to bringing out the “slavery” charge?

Anger and calls for unity set the tone for a Detroit City Council meeting this morning designed to solicit cost-savings ideas from labor unions to avoid insolvency and the appointment of an emergency manager.

Detroiters and some council members likened an emergency manager to a dictator and slave owner.

For those out of the loop, Detroit is BROKE. We’re out of money by April.

“We as a community and as a people can agree to disagree but at the end of the day we have to decide what our destiny is going to be before someone comes in as a master, as someone to control the plantation,” Councilman Kwame Kenyatta said.

As a member of Detroit’s city council, Kenyatta should know that deciding your destiny should include living within the reality of the situation.

At 9:30 a.m., union leaders began lining up to offer alternatives to 2,300 layoffs and deep concessions in pension and health care benefits.

Rochelle Riley offers up a few suggestions:

I wanted the mayor to declare that he was shutting city government down.

I wanted the mayor to declare that he was laying off all city workers and requiring them to reapply for their jobs. Yes, it’s huge. Yes, it’s desperate.

But when the city is carrying a third more workers than it needs and delivering half the services that residents need, times are desperate.

Stephen Henderson:

The city’s structural imbalances, driven largely by legacy obligations, plummeting revenues and outsized government, would eventually push Detroit back to the brink of bouncing payroll checks and vendor payments. Ernst & Young places the city’s expected structural deficit at just over $72 million, and maybe as high as $160 million, given variances the firm found in the city’s reported revenues and expenditures.

Detroit public schools and the city of Detroit are the #1 and #2 employers in the city. 13,750 work for the Department of education, which is responsible for 65,971 students. That’s about 4 students per employee.

What???? Is this normal?

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One Comment on “Rambling Detroit Post”

  1. Let it all burn.

    I know when I still lived there, the rest of the state was getting tired of paying for Detroit and other cities that needed to be bailed out on a regular basis because they REFUSED to get their financial houses in order (yes, I’m looking at you, Flint, and Benton Harbor).

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