Mush heads

One hard truth that we need to accept is that not everyone needs to go to college. Wasted years, wasted money. And for what? To become mush-heads.

Basic education – the three “Rs”, a knowledge of history, and reasoning skills are supposed to be mastered by the time you graduate from high school. That ain’t happening. So, many of these stunted “adults” on to college, hopefully to acquire an education equal to yesteryear’s high school diploma. At the cost of thousands, upon thousands, of dollars and wasted years. For what? It’s certainly not for a good education.

From kindergarten to university, for decades our schools have abandoned the teaching of basic facts and foundational thinking skills, and replaced both with leftish received wisdom and stale mythologies, all the while they have anxiously monitored and puffed up students’ self-esteem.

This lack of critical understanding and ignorance of simple fact characterize the main theme of the protests, that the wealthy “1%” of Americans have gamed the system to enrich themselves at the expense of everybody else, an analysis redolent of Scrooge McDuck cartoons or Frank Capra’s portrait of Old Man Potter in It’s a Wonderful Life.

What these 99% fail to understand, is that wealth is not pie to be divided. The “rich” haven’t stolen all the pieces. The rich, the innovative, have created wealth and jobs, which creates more wealth and jobs.

The owwies also don’t understand the concept of “income mobility.” The rich don’t always stay rich, and the poor don’t always stay poor.

from 1999-2007, about half of households in the bottom quintile had moved up the income ladder, while nearly half of households in the top quintile had moved down.
As for those greedy “millionaires” who refuse to pay their “fair share,” in this same period, half were millionaires only once, and only 6% were millionaires for the whole nine years.

But, perhaps we are victims of our own success. We created this mess.

More important, [capitalism] is a dynamic, open system, one that creates opportunities for the clever and hardworking. And it has been wildly successful, so much so that today, young people who in the past would have started work at 16, can now spend several years of extended adolescence in colleges and universities, where they can earn impecunious degrees in subjects like Medieval French Poetry or Postcolonial Literature, and then loaf about lower Manhattan protesting the evil system that has rescued them from the drudgery of farm labor or factory work, and given them nutritious cheap food, healthy bodies, straight white teeth, and gadgets like X-Boxes and I-Pads.

And what has this extended adolescence lead these folks to believe? That life isn’t fair.

Hence according to a survey conducted by Democrat pollster Douglas Schoen, 65% of the Manhattan protestors believe that “government has a moral responsibility to guarantee all citizens access to affordable health care, a college education, and a secure retirement—no matter the cost.”

These kids obviously have no idea what ideas this country was founded on, nor an inkling of understanding regarding 1) human nature and 2) basic economics. These folks are demanding “radical egalitarianism” – which if they had studied history they would realize that it’s been tried again and again. And never failed to fail.

But how would the protestors know that history? What passes for history in most schools today is a melodrama of Western wickedness against the oppressed “other,” accompanied by feel-good romances about the achievements of marginalized minorities.


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4 Comments on “Mush heads”

  1. But, Car In, based on the post-deconstructionist dialectic method of analysis I learned at university, this country was founded on hate, slavery and oppression, so clinging to their ideals makes you one of them too!

  2. veeshir Says:

    Owwies. I love it. I’m going to steal it.

    Education arguments are pretty darn infuriating/hilarious.

    If you want to save a vast amount of cash on education cut administrative positions.
    A high school and grade school needs a principal, a vice principal, a dean and a few paperwork ladies in the office.

    Today they pay far too much for various useless positions like “diversity official”.

    One other thing that infuriates me/makes me laugh about education is how it’s devolved so much in my lifetime.
    Every educrat with a theory on how to teach tests it on children.
    It seems to me that they remember how hard it was to learn so they try to make it easier.
    Learning is hard. If it’s easy you’re not learning anything.

    British public schools made kids memorize everything and enforced it with corporal punishment. Those upper class aces might have been jerks, but they were very well-educated jerks.

    My nieces are in their early-mid 20 twenties. They have no idea who Patrick Henry was, they never heard anything about Washington and the cherry tree, Franklin was someone who started a mint to them, but they surely know that global worming is GOING TO KILL US ALL and that America was founded by dead, white, slave-owners.
    They don’t know that Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence but they do know that he fathered children with a slave.

    It’s depressing to talk to them about anything.

  3. Car in Says:

    It appears to me that too many educators have decided that education is something that they “do” to kids. They’ve failed to instill into the heads of students (and parents) that education occurs inside YOUR OWN HEAD. And, anywhere. All the time. We’ve given schools too much power – figurative power – that learning occurs in that building.

    I’m awaiting my first cup of coffee, so I don’t think I’m expressing myself well.

    John Dewey destroyed education.

  4. Veeshir, that isn’t an accident. If you don’t understand the thinking that the nation was founded on, you’re a lot easier to convince that government should be “taking care of people” rather than making it easy for them to take care of themselves.

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