The Coming Higher Education Implosion

Some of those whiney kids “occupying” this and that have a point. They wracked up a huge debt for an education that isn’t going to pay those bills. Was it worth it?

Notwithstanding the stock horror stories about the kid who leaves campus owing hundreds of thousands, however, the average college debt load is about the price of a new Toyota Prius—$28,100 for those with a degree from a four-year private school, $22,000 for those from public schools.

Even so, these figures don’t touch the most important question: Are students getting fair value in return?


Uhm, no. The correct answer is no.

In a recent work called “Academically Adrift,” these authors tracked the progress of more than 2,300 undergraduates at two dozen U.S. universities. They found that more than a third of seniors leave campus having shown no improvement in critical thinking, analytical reasoning, or written communications over four years. Worse, the majors and programs often thought most practical—education, business and communications—prove to be the least productive.

These kids need to occupy their college’s student union.

Anne Neal has been trying to help families answer that question for years. As president of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, she believes students should leave college with a broad base of knowledge that will allow them “to compete successfully in our globalized economy and to make sense of the modern world.” By that ACTA means universities should require a core curriculum with substantive courses in composition, literature, American history, economics, math, science and foreign language.

Why go to college if you don’t learn much, and you leave with a huge debt that you cannot repay?

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4 Comments on “The Coming Higher Education Implosion”

  1. Hotspur Says:

    Go for the education, stay for the beer pong and corn holing.

    Hahahaha We started work on a fraternity yesterday. The head guy called Sunday night to say he was getting push back from the guys who did not want their normal sleep disrupted, and could we start at 10am instead of 8am. “Yeah, if you want to pay us for two hours of doing nothing.”

    Fucking losers.

  2. Car in Says:

    HA HA HA …

    At U of M, no less.


  3. If it was MSU, they’d sleep until Noon.

  4. Svenster Says:

    But at least they’d be sleeping with a girl.

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