I’m a heartless bitch

We need to eliminate “Head Start” – because it’s a huge waste of money that does nothing. Well, that’s not true – I just noted that it wastes money-that’s something. Oh, and I’m sure it employs people.*:

A rigorous experimental evaluation, the study placed almost 5,000 children eligible for Head Start into two treatment conditions, determined by a lottery. Children who won the lottery got access to prekindergarten Head Start services; the others either didn’t attend preschool or found alternatives to Head Start.

The study tracked the children’s progress through kindergarten and the first grade. Overall, the program yielded little to no positive effects. On all 41 measures of cognitive ability, Head Start failed to raise abilities of those who entered the program as 4-year-olds. Specifically, their language skills, literacy, math skills, and school performance were no better than those of the children denied access to the program.

Those who entered as 3-year-olds had similar results. They scored no better than nonparticipants on 40 of the cognitive measures and significantly worse on one: Head Start grads, according to their kindergarten teachers, were significantly less well prepared in math skills.

Begun in 1965, with a $96 million dollar budget, today Head Start is $7 BILLION dollar program. Yet there is no proof that it does anything, or has any lasting effect.

And, the Obama administration wants to add another $500 million to the pot with a grant competition that focuses on improving early learning and developing programs by increasing “the number and percentage of low-income and disadvantaged children in each group of infants, toddlers and preschoolers who are enrolled”.

Huh? The government is teaching infants?

You know who is supposed to be “teaching” (some call that “interacting with”) infants? Parents. The same folks who are supposed to be exposing their children to books at an early age.

Because the reality of the situation is that the same crappy home life that didn’t prepare toddlers and preschoolers for kindergarden is going to be there while they go through the rest of their education. Parents who can’t read a fricken book to their child, isn’t going to insure that they do their homework, or take their books and pencils to school every day.

And the more we let these parents feel that it isn’t THEIR job to parent, the less they are going to do. And – ultimately – the worse these children are going to turn out, because THE GOVERNMENT CAN’T PARENT A CHILD AND CANNOT MAKE UP FOR SHITTY UPBRINGING.

You had ’em, you raise ’em. That’s my motto.

Not because I’m cruel or heartless, but because no one else CAN do that job.

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5 Comments on “I’m a heartless bitch”

  1. beasn Says:

    It’s not about children. It’s about pillaging.

  2. agiledog Says:

    You ARE a heartless bitch – since you are a “conservative”, you must not care about children, or the elderly, or the sick.

    Beasn is right – it is not about the children – it is about making jobs for a bunch of “early childhood learning degree” holders. These are the granola crunchers that use to join the Peace Corps or some other exotic program to “find themself” and help them “feel like they are contributing”. Now they can do it in places with running water and electricity, on your dime.

  3. Car in Says:

    No, you are correct. But it is also used to buy votes – the democrats are “giving” this to the needy. It is a form of free day care, and parents feel like the government is “doing something” for them.

    In addition, it’s used as a negative against heartless rethuglians when funding issues come up.

  4. Force Beasn a.k.a. Tiny Passion Says:

    The heartless rethuglicans are too skeered or stupid to point out the massive waste and nothing to show for it. It has to be said, just like Pigford and every other ‘green’ loan going belly up.

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