– How Government “Works”

Baaa hhhhh aaaah haaa haaaaa {gasp} hha haaa haaaaa {gasp} Can …. Not …. Breath ….

Americans in search of federal employment can go to a website called, which matches openings with applicants. Since 2004, the feds have outsourced the site’s operation to Good call by whoever was in charge in 2004. is the private company that pioneered employment websites and is today the largest job search engine in the world.
But 18 months ago the “smart” Obama Office of Personnel Management decided the federal government could do a better job of running It spent some $6 million developing a new in-house version of the site, promising to improve the job-search experience. It unveiled its creation two weeks ago. It’s a monster all right.

The volume of requests instantly crushed government servers, slowed the system and locked out thousands of applicants. Naturally, the site has a Facebook page. Naturally, the comment queue is boiling over.

Deadlines are not being met, and has offered to host free job posting for the Federal government for 30 days while it attempts to get it’s shit together.

These are the folks who think they can run our entire health care system? Even more ridiculous is the idea, from the OWS crowd, that the government should be in charge of just about everything in order to redistribute the wealth. I’ll clue you in, the only way the elected officials can redistribute wealth, is to take it from the taxpayers, and divide it up among themselves.

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One Comment on “ – How Government “Works””

  1. The lure of wealth-distribution for the “Feelerati” is that they themselves will be the ones divvying up other people’s stuff.

    If you can find a way to disabuse them of this notion, and you’re off and running.

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