If Republicans Would Only Get Raped, Or Something …

Stupid is as stupid does. Yesterday, stupid was on the Senate floor, debating Obama’s Job’s Bill, which wants to throw $35 billion (which we can’t afford) at public workers:

“It’s very clear that private-sector jobs have been doing just fine; it’s the public-sector jobs where we’ve lost huge numbers, and that’s what this legislation is all about.”

You got that private sector? You’re doing just fine. It’s those public employees that are hurting and if you’d only get raped, you’d have some sympathy for them.

So let’s go to the videotape. According to the White House budget office, the federal executive branch had 1.875 million civilian full-time equivalent employees when the financial crisis hit in 2008. Two years later, that number had risen by 253,000 jobs to 2.128 million, a 13.5% increase.

Federal employees seem to be doing just fine …

So perhaps Mr. Reid is referring to state and local government jobs? Well, the Labor Department report for September shows that state governments have cut payrolls by all of 49,000 since September 2010, to 5.089 million. Local governments have reduced employment at a somewhat faster pace—by 210,000 workers in the last year, to 14.076 million.

The pace of these state and local cuts have picked up this year, as the federal stimulus spending has declined. But Democrats promised in 2009 that the stimulus would be temporary—to help states get through the recession. State and local governments now have no choice but to cut workers, as they adjust to a new and reduced level of tax revenue thanks to the slow economic recovery.

I guess we have to just keeping bailing out state and local governments … forever?

In any case, Mr. Reid’s latest stimulus proposal isn’t intended to help private employers. Its goal is to help state and local government workers, especially teachers, most of whom are unionized and pay dues that can finance Democratic Senate campaigns. The $35 billion would operate as a campaign-finance pass-through account, from Senate Democrats to unions and back to Senate Democrats.

What happened the last time we bailed out the teachers? Michelle Malkin:

So, where did all the original EduJobs money go? One survey by the Center on Education Policy found that much of the cash went to bolster fringe benefits and administrative staff.

As education journalist Chris Moody reported last summer, states including North Dakota, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Alaska whose budgets are in the black received tens of millions in superfluous school subsidies. “Arkansas,” Moody found, “has a fully funded teaching staff for the coming year, but the state will still receive up to $91 million for teaching jobs.”
Many other school districts failed to heed warnings against binging on full-time hiring sprees with temporary funding. Education Week reported this spring that the New Hanover County (N.C.) school district used $4.8 million in short-term EduJobs money to fund 88 teaching positions, in addition to more than 100 classroom slots funded with 2009 stimulus tax dollars. Obama and the Democrats blame meanie Republicans for the fiscal emergencies these districts now face.

Yea, that was a great idea.

Regardless, Harry Reid, and Obama, care more about the 650,000 union government workers who’ve lost their jobs since Obama took office, than the 25 MILLION private sector folks. His Jobs Bill is aimed to help those 650,000 with some gimmicky, but useless, proposals aimed at private sector. Joe Biden:

The Senate could vote at the end of the week on the first provision — $35 billion to keep public school teachers and first responders on the job.

“Real people – real people – will get real relief right now,” Biden told a friendly crowd of public sector union workers at a stately meeting room in a Senate office building. “This is simple… It’s not rocket science.”

Private sector employees aren’t real people?

The way things work is that a robust PRIVATE sector pays the bill for the public sector. We bailed out the state and local governments once with borrowed money and it failed to stimulate anything.

Michael Tanner on the Math v. Myth:

States are firing teachers and firefighters because they are broke. Washington has to help. That’s the logic behind the president’s plan for $35 billion in additional federal aid to the states, a bill that the Senate is expected to vote on this week. In reality, however, state government spending has also been rising, up more than 10 percent in the past two years. And while some of that represents a pass-through of federal aid from earlier stimulus bills, state general-fund spending rose 5.2 percent this year. If state governments are laying off teachers and firefighters, it’s because they are failing to manage their priorities, not because they don’t have any money.

And, in the same article, why taxing the rich (the plan to pay for the current Jobs Bill AND the chant at ever Owwies protest) won’t work:

We can solve our problems by taxing the rich and closing corporate loopholes. Set aside the question of whether higher taxes on the rich would stifle economic growth and job creation. There is simply no way to raise enough money to cover our deficits by taxing the rich. As the president would say, “It’s math.” This year, we will run a deficit of roughly $1.3 trillion. Eliminating the tax break for corporate jets, a prime Democratic talking point, would raise roughly $300 million this year. Yes, that’s million with an “m.” Ending tax breaks for oil and gas companies, another frequent Democratic target, would bring in somewhat more, nearly $4 billion per year. And, the big enchilada, the Democrats’ proposed 5.6 percent surtax on “millionaires and billionaires,” would raise an average of $45.3 billion in additional revenue per year. Therefore, if the Democrats were able to get every penny that they want, they would raise all of $49.6 billion per year, leaving us with a budget deficit this year of only $1.25 trillion.

It’s the spending. Stupid.

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5 Comments on “If Republicans Would Only Get Raped, Or Something …”

  1. MJ Says:

    Here’s a thought: Do we believe that 5% of the teachers in the country aren’t exactly doing their jobs well? Ok, then fire them.


  2. MCPO Airdale Says:

    First order of business. . . reduce the civilian workforce by 20% before any military cuts.

  3. veeshir Says:

    Nevermind teachers, get rid of 3/4 of administrators, starting with “diversity directors” and working your way up.

    You need a principal, vice-principal, dean and some paperwork people. Anything else is wasting my money.

    As for the “we need more money or you’ll be raped”, how about we cut out SWAT teams?
    That will reduce the odds of my dog or me being shot because the cops have the wrong address.
    Then, ease conceal carry laws and voila, rapes go down. Or least, repeat offenses go down.

  4. Svenster Says:

    Guess we’re all going to be raped and murdered now that the bill failed again. Bummer.

  5. Car in will be the hardest hit of any of us, living as close to Flint as she does.

    Just ask Joe Biden.

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