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Via Puppy Blender. Answer: Never. The question:

Again, if you can’t cut back the government bureaucracy in good times (because there is enough tax money and we have ‘unmet needs,’ etc.) and you can’t cut it in bad times (because we have to preserve those jobs as ‘stimulus’) when does the government stop growing? Has Obama even attempted to answer this concern?”

It simply grows and grows until it consumes us all.

Matt Labash sums up the Owwies for us:

But what is this particular protest about? From my experience, I learned that it’s primarily about overeducated, underemployed twentysomethings who are frustrated they haven’t found their dream jobs as documentary filmmakers in the worst economy in several generations, all while amassing 100 grand in student loans.

They want to be bailed out and guaranteed jobs, just like in those crappy utopian communist novels they read in college. Those that argue we don’t spend “enough” are just insane. The government SUCKS at spending our money, and the solutions of the owwies is to give them more power. Yea, great idea.

We spend $800,000,000,000 (that’s .8 trillion) on GOVERNMENT pensions. Federal Health care? .9 trilion. Federal welfare is .5 trillion. Soon, we’re going to be paying the government not for any “service” we receive outlined by the constitution, but for employee retirements, and welfare. That is the way things are trending, pushing out the spending for those things that the government was originally TASKED for.

I just can’t wait until we start have to start taking in gagillions of dollars.

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