Occupy Detroit, day one

Why did the US start an embargo with Cuba? It had nothing to do with the politics of Cuba. You know what it was? Sugar.

That’s what I learned from this old man at Occupy Detroit.


You see, we didn’t want to have to deal with the awesome sugar deals they had going in Cuba. Or something.

What started out as a conversation about the protests, led to Cuba and the next thing I knew I was being lectured to about the Shah of Iran.

Uhm. OK. What does that has to do with the current economic plight, and the gripes of the Occupy X street?

Well, of course, that corporations are evil and the government is in the thrall of corporations.

If I had to make one general statement regarding Detroit’s “occupy” movement, it is that corporations are very, very evil.

Oh, sure, there were other concerns. Transgender rights.


This guy was for Anarchistic Communism.


I asked him if they were out there fighting for the small businesses, to which he replied “no.” He friends quickly tried to correct him by arguing that they DID support small businesses.

The Anarchistic Communist wasn’t convinced though.

I spoke to this guy, who seemed he was really going to be able to transplant Ron Paul’s message to end the wars with the group. I told him “good luck with the communists” and he pretty much just nodded in acknowledgment.


This group of union folk were all together having a little pow-wow and getting signatures for something or other, but I was unable to get a peek.




The crowd got a big bigger.


And this was a general consensus.


The “fist” symbol was everywhere.


But there were only a few (three when I left) that looked like they were going to camp. I asked this first fellow, who wasn’t so sure he was going to stay.



Hopefully I can check on our “campers” tomorrow.

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23 Comments on “Occupy Detroit, day one”

  1. Jewstin Says:

    What drives me fucking nuts is the anarchist communists. They’re so stupid they don’t understand the two are mutually exclusive.

  2. daveintexas Says:

    oh you meant HERE

  3. Max Power Says:

    This will end well

  4. They make it sound like there are huge followings of the OWS crowd all around the country….

    Fort Worth had about 20 show up last weekend – they milled about fairly aimlessly, then went home.

  5. Z Says:

    We need a good public MSM lynching or three.

  6. Car in Says:

    The one in Detroit was mostly pushed by a group called “Moratorium Now” which wasn’t to stop foreclosures and cutting off folks’ utilities.

    I don’t think those folks will be camping out.

  7. Car in Says:

    wants – not wasn’t

  8. Classic 1980s movies set in Detroit Says:

    Where’s RoboCop or DarkMan when you need him?

  9. Pupster Says:

    The UAW is anti-corporation?

    *mind boggles*

  10. Car in Says:

    It’s the rights of the workers, Pupster. The evil corporations only make money off of the excess labor of the workers. And the union dues … uhm … err …

  11. Stewed Hamm Says:

    As far as I’m concerned, they’re welcome to Detroit. I mean, hell, nobody else wants it.

  12. mare Says:

    I, too, am confused about UAW and SEIU being anti-corporation. Don’t their own leaders make upwards of $300,000? I think the union workers should protest the leadership.

  13. PCachu Says:

    Come now, Mare. Following that sort of actual, functional logic would result in most of the 99% camping out in protest of their college academic advisers, for encouraging them to go tens of thousands into hock for what amounts to little more than improved performance in Trivial Pursuit.

  14. BackwardsBoy Says:

    You were amongst these alleged “people?”

    How long did it take to wash off teh stoopid?

  15. f2000 Says:

    Hooray. A fellow moron Detroiter.

    I’m shocked it was as small as it was. With all the unions and unemployed, a much bigger crowd seemed a no-brainer.

  16. Rhoda R Says:

    Uhhh…if there are no corporations, who will employ the union members? How will the members be able to pay their union dues if they are unemployed?

  17. Car in Says:

    Yep, there are a few of us. Very few.

    I drove by (before I ran the half marathon this morning) and there were about 8 tents. No sign of life.

  18. f2000 Says:

    Has there ever been a mitten moron meet up?

  19. Car in Says:

    Not that I’m aware of.

  20. Svenster Says:

    Car in… Doing the job the old media refuses to do.

  21. I heard this morning that the City of Seattle was moving the Occupy clowns out of Westlake Center.

    I hope it hurts.

  22. mojo Says:

    “I can’t marry the one I love”

    Oh, brother. Poor baby. THAT’S never happened before to anybody, right?

  23. I was just reading about “Occupy Flint”…mlive, WNEM, and WJRT stories.

    Dozens of people…DOZENS I say.

    And the UAW rep mouthing off about the corruption in the bank bailouts?


    Makes me glad I don’t live there anymore. I would have had to spend my weekend pointing and laughing.

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