OWS – coming to a town near you

Student loan forgiveness? Worst idea ever. It’s really breathtaking in it’s stupidity.

The demonstrators say that selfish plutocrats are ruining our economy and creating an unjust society. Rather, a group of predominantly rather spoiled and coddled young persons, long favored and subsidized by the American taxpayer, are complaining that society has not given them enough — they want the taxpayer to foot the bill for their years of limited learning and heavy partying while in college.

What these kids need to do is to grow up.

Faced with no job prospects, 20-somethings often go to graduate school, amassing even more student-loan debt. Those who do secure a job are more likely to switch because they’re bored or hope to find the mythical perfect job.

“They have high, unrealistic expectations,” Lee Jenkins, a manager partner of Atlanta Capital Group, told USA Today. “And many of them don’t manage money very well.”

In many cases, there is the expectation of a fat salary in exchange for phoned-in job performance — and we’re not afraid to admit it. A Pew Research Center study found that Baby Boomers’ favorite identifying mark was their work ethic, while only 5 percent of my generation reported the same. In contrast, 24 percent of Millennials chose “technology use,” 11 percent “music/pop” culture,” and 7 percent “liberal/tolerant” as their mark of distinction.

That is just frightening. These folks, who identify “technology use” as their identifying mark, just aren’t that into working. Especially at a job taht isn’t “sef-actualizing.”

So much for the independent American work ethic. More times than not, it isn’t until we’ve amassed burdensome debt or frittered away our 20s playing video games and buying $5 lattes that we understand that real life doesn’t work that way.

Meanwhile, the Occupy Detroit plans are coming along nicely.

At the meeting, Oct. 14 was set as the start date of the occupation. The group will meet at Spirit of Detroit statue in front of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center at 4 p.m. and start its march at 6 p.m. They’ll march down Woodward Avenue through the financial district to Grand Circus Park, where they will stage their protest.

Similar to Occupy Wall Street, the group will be protesting what they see as unfair social, financial and political practices that take advantage of the middle and lower class.

With all that excitement, I went to check out the Occupy Detroit facebook page. I have a feeling the protest in Detroit is going to be underwhelming.

Regardless, I think we all need to make sure our children get THIS MESSAGE. If not from grandpa, then from us. Because they aren’t going to learn that shit at school.

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9 Comments on “OWS – coming to a town near you”

  1. Svenster Says:

    The Occupy Detroit folks are a little late. The city has been occupied by Democrats, socialists, communists, and an assortment of big and small-time grifters for at least 60 years. Gaze upon the results and despair.

  2. Car in Says:


    I think that is the best comment ever on this blog.

  3. Jay in Ames Says:

    So sad, and so true, Svenster.

  4. PCachu Says:

    Dammit, Svenster’s closing line makes me want to do an Occupy Detroit version of Ozymandias.

    “I am Mayor Coleman Young, King of Kings;
    Look on my works, ye hippies, and despair!”

  5. clintbird Says:

    Dear OWS protestors,

    Your mommas want you to get your lazy asses back home to clean up the mess you left in their basements.

  6. Svenster Says:

    Thanks Car in. Just trying to do my part.

  7. Stinky's Dad Says:

    We had Occupy Euless the other day. It consisted of one tool and his sign protesting in front of a BBQ joint. (seriously, I almost drove off the road laughing)

    Within a few minutes he found out our cops weren’t in the mood to play.

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