Today’s Twitter game


Someone’s a spoilsport!/EatRealThings/status/121401143476752384

Exactly what types of question are they expecting? How stupid do they think Americans are?

Childhood obesity isn’t rocket science. Eat less, eat healthier, exercise more.

Suddenly it’s October. The kids are settled back into school, and at the White House we’re preparing for the 2011 Fall Garden Harvest tomorrow – so healthy eating is on our minds. Do you have a question about Let’s Move!, the First Lady’s initiative to end childhood obesity? Ask it on, facebook or on Twitter with the hashtag #AskMichelle and the First Lady will answer a few in the coming days.

Let’s see what kind of “great questions” were asked.

Here’s another “great question”

Those aren’t great questions. Those are boring questions.

HERE’s a great question

I can’t wait to see what Michelle says!

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2 Comments on “Today’s Twitter game”

  1. Hotspur Says:

    How can a person who doesn’t work be said to be “on vacation”?

  2. I love it.

    Twitter has been a source of great amusement for me the last few days…

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