“Diversity” at the Wall Street Protest

ABC News carries water for Occupy Wall Street protesters:

Warren compares Occupy Wall St., at this stage of its life, to the nascent Tea Party, when protesters were seeking a vehicle through which to express frustration with the Obama administration.

What’s different here? “The Tea Party seemed to be a movement of older Americans, more conservative, whiter,” he says. OWS protesters “are younger, more diverse.”


This blogger found the people of color at the protests, but notes:

Justin, 32, knows he is one of the few blacks in the crowd, he doesn’t see race as an underlying factor in the protest. But he feels more people of color should take part in social movements. “I think all minorities want to join in but since they don’t see a lot of other minorities in the crowd, they don’t join,” Justin says. “But they have the same issues and that’s the thing. Minorities have the same concerns that whites do, but a lot of times in America people divide things by race. I feel as more black people show up and more people from the inner-city show up, we will all start to realize that we have the same concerns and the same issues.”

Honesty. It’s refreshing.

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8 Comments on ““Diversity” at the Wall Street Protest”

  1. 1. A job is not a “right”. The only workplace a lazy, covetous, dirty, smelly hippie has a right to be in is one of their own making.

    2. My concern is that there are too many young people in institutions of higher learning whoi apparently are getting high, but not learning much about economics, history, government, or reality.

  2. Car in Says:

    2. Yes. that.

    Plus, it should be obvious to just about everyone, now that:

    1) not everyone should go to college
    2) college doesn’t prepare people for life and/or
    3) college doesn’t “educate”

  3. agiledog Says:

    Given your points 2 and 3, just why should anyone go to college nowadays? All it does is burden you with debt and useless ideas.

  4. GuyS Says:

    But the system has, for decades now, been “rigged”. I saw it first hand when I was a Navy recruiter. Oh, the “trades”, trade schools, even seeing the world (preferably by tramp steamer, or the Peace Corps) before entering college, are acceptable if you are not yet “ready” for it. Heaven forbid if you willingly chose to enter the military (with the exception of the service academies), especially if you met the qualifications to enter any post secondary education enclave.

    Granted, this was about 10 years before 9/11, but still it was there and the guidance counselors were the ones primarily pushing this tripe:

    1. College is a “right” (not a privilege).
    2. If you meet the standards (which were almost always shifting downwards), even for a junior college, you should have the opportunity to be able to afford same (via grants/loans). If you didn’t qualify for same, than your parents obviously made enough money to be able to send you to same. (Worst case being, you had to work a summer job to make ends meet.)
    3. The money you will be making, if not at your first job, upon graduating from college, then after your second job (or advancement), will put you head and shoulders above any one without a diploma. This is regardless of your degree program/career field.

    Isn’t it worth noting Walmart, Microsoft, and any number of Fortune 500 companies were started by individuals who either never went to college, or failed to get their degree/graduate. They did however, become major sources of employment for those who did.

    “A job is not a right. The opportunity to be able to apply for any given job is. But that is as far as it (should) go.”

  5. Car in Says:

    What sucks is that colleges used to basically be a “test”; if you could make it though college (get accepted, graduate) you must be OK. But now, any numb skull can get a diploma.

    I really don’t know who direction I will encourage my children to take. Being educated no longer means, to me, going to college. If Abe Lincoln could “learn good” reading books, than anyone can.

    That’s my attitude. Unless they want to do something that specifically requires an advanced degree, I’m rather cold to the idea of “higher” education.

    And, I went to graduate school.

  6. agiledog Says:

    If your kids are heading towards high tech careers, they need a degree. Most employers won’t consider entry level job candidates without some degree (and grades).

  7. Svenster Says:

    Hey, they’re the 99%ers. 99% white that is. Buncha racists.

  8. Car in Says:

    If your kids are heading towards high tech careers, they need a degree.

    Like a degree in Womyn Studies?

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