It gets worse

This should be added to the previous post, but I’m going to make it one of it’s own.

Obama knows your pain because he was brought up poor and shit.

“Believe me, Barack knows what it means when a family struggles,” she said. “He knows what it means when someone doesn’t have a chance to fulfill their potential.”

He does? How does he know that? Exactly what experience in his life informs him on what it means to not fulfill their potential?

The first lady said Obama’s upbringing has allowed him to identify with the stories of thousands of Americans who write to the president about their situations and speak with him personally at events around the county. She said those stories motivate him and influence his decisions in office.

So, Obama knows what it’s like to struggle to pay bills, to wonder if he’s going to be able to afford braces or college for his kids? oh, Right. He has no idea. Whatever trasnisitory experience, as a child, Obama had with “poverty” – he has no clue, as an adult, what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet. He’s never had to wonder if he can afford new clothes for his daughters, or had to explain to them that they simply can’t afford a vacation this year.

“I hear the passion in his voice and the determination. He says, ‘You won’t believe what these folks are going through.’ That’s what he tells me. He says, ‘Michelle, this isn’t right. We have to fix this. We have so much more to do,’” she told the crowd.


Just read how horrible it was for Obama:

Barack Obama is talking up the fact that his single mother was once on food stamps and that he only recently paid off student loans — part of a full-court press to avoid being painted by Hillary Clinton and Republicans as an elite liberal…

The adjustments in campaign personas come in the wake of Sen. Obama’s comments about small-town America that he now says he “mangled.” …

Sen. Obama has stressed his humble upbringing as part of his argument that the uproar is nothing more than politics. “This is what we do politically when we start getting behind in races,” he said at a town hall forum Tuesday…

On the stump, Sen. Obama has begun reminding audiences that his single mother was on food stamps, that he attended a private high school on a scholarship and that he paid off law-school student loans with his wife, Michelle, just six years ago. “I know what it’s like to see a mother get sick and worry that maybe she can’t pay the bills,” he said at a building-trade conference in Washington on Tuesday.

“I didn’t have a trust fund,” he told newspaper executives on Monday.

Sen. Obama also noted that the three-bedroom condominium he and his wife lived in for the first 13 years of their marriage didn’t have a garage. “If you live in Chicago, that means you’re scraping ice every morning,” he said…

Scraping ice EVERY MORNING.


Obama’s community organizing salary:

In 1985, the year Obama began as a community organizer, that $20,000 would be the equivalent of $39,431.04 in 2007. His salary when he left Chicago to attend Harvard law School in 1988 would be the equivalent of $63,093.21 in 2007.

His tax returns show that in 2000, the Obama’s pulling in $240,505. By 2006, that was $983,826.

Sorry. He doesn’t know what it’s like.

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One Comment on “It gets worse”

  1. He’s just a man of the people.

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