This is not the American Way

Jerry Pournelle puts Obama’s beliefs in simple terms:

The President of the United States in essence declared war on the traditional understanding of America today. He has put it all in very stark terms: there are people with money. The rest of us need it, for food, clothing, medical expenses, Christmas presents for the children, shelter from the storms of life. We do not have those things. Others have far more than they need. Therefore we shall take what we need from them.

Now of course he did not put this in quite such stark terms, but what he did say is that the rich must pay their fair share; if they do not, then we will not be able to have drug research, Medicare, education, and all those things which we need so much. And therefore we must make them pay their fair share.

They do, of course, pay their fair share. 47% of our population pay close to zero federal income tax. The rich, overwhelmingly, pay the bulk of it. Period. Fact. They pay their “fair share” unless, of course, you are a socialist and believe that “the rich” (really, anyone with a level of financial comfort) should hand over the majority of their income to the government, to redistribute. Obama argues that he needs our money for “the general welfare.”

[N]ote that the President does not offer the alternative of giving up some of the regulations and rules and the swarms of officers who harass the people and eat out their substance. It is not “raise taxes or we’ll have to fire bunny inspectors,” or “raise taxes or we won’t have all those education experts on the Federal payroll telling all the schools how to be great” (look how well the Federal government does with the DC schools over which it has absolute control)! It is not “raise taxes or the EPA will have to go out of business and leave all that environment and pollution stuff to the states and the local communities”. No. It is raise taxes or you will not get the goodies from the Obama Stash.

He needs the money to feed the beast – our government. And it’s “exponential” growth.

The main reason to resist those tax increases is to force the government to stop the exponential growth of spending. A 7% exponential means a doubling in under 12 years. It is inexorable: and as government grows, those dependent on government become more so, and soon enough you reach the situation of Greece or Spain, where enough of the population is so utterly dependent on government that the people have no notion of how to get out of the situation: where they have little choice but to riot and make things unpleasant for all in the hopes that it can all continue for a few years more. Does anyone see a graceful way out for Spain? Much less Greece. The President would probably recommend Green Jobs for Spain, but those more familiar with Spanish investment in the Green Bubble know better.

Here’s a simple thought. We cannot afford all this “stuff” and remain what we were. There are those that believe – OK, I’m fine with that. They are content with the idea that those who make over $200,000 or $250,000 don’t deserve to keep all that money and should hand over half – or so -in total to the local, state, and federal government. The lie, is that it simply will not work. This experiment has been tried before. People become less productive. There becomes decreasingly less money to graft. The uber rich move away and hide their money. It is against human nature to struggle and achieve so that you can give away half your money and live in a situation similar to your neighbor who’s taking goodies from the state.

We simply can carry on as we have. Sorry. We’ve run out of other people’s money. So, perhaps those on food stamps won’t be able to buy junk food with their EBT card. Maybe they can bargain shop like those of us who use our own money. Coupons. Day old bread. The milk on sale, not the “farm fresh” stuff that’s $1.25 more expensive per gallon*.

Tough times.

*last week a couple in front of me did just that, and also bought the pricier eggs.

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6 Comments on “This is not the American Way”

  1. beasn Says:

    About a third of those that order our wedding cakes, pay for them with ‘food stamps’ ($138). Our pricier birthday cakes too ($38-48).

    Not only do I have to make them, but I pay for them too. Your welcome fat assed parasites.

    Won’t even go into the stories the cashiers tell.

  2. beasn Says:

    last week a couple in front of me did just that, and also bought the pricier eggs.

    Why should they do anything else when it’s someone else’s money. Especially when the same gubmint thieves put it in their heads that it’s okay since those evil rich can afford to ‘sacrifice’ more for the downtrodden.

  3. Car in Says:

    I updates this with a video for you beasn.

  4. beasn Says:


  5. Car in Says:

    Ha. I figured you’d like that.

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