Whipping Boy

Poll numbers, and the recent special election GOP victories, point to the reality that the narcissist in chief has had better days. But, let me be clear it’s not Obama we’re rejecting. It’s the progressive agenda and what Obama’s done so far:

From January 2009 through 2010, Obama advanced the liberal dream with a passion not seen since the New Deal days of Franklin Roosevelt. He bulldozed all opposition and rammed through most of what he wanted with the help of a Democratic Congress: Obamacare, record borrowing, record spending, and hundreds of hard-left presidential appointees and judges.

What has prevented Obama from doing more is public sentiment. Cap and tax? Redistributive taxes? They simply do not want.

So the Left cannot really complain that Obama either betrayed the cause or proved particularly inept in advancing it. Instead, what Obama’s supporters are mad about is that the public is boiling over chronic 9 percent unemployment, a comatose housing market, escalating food and fuel prices, near-nonexistent economic growth, a gyrating stock market, record deficits, $16 trillion in aggregate debt, and a historic credit downgrading. And voters are not just mad, but are blaming these hard times on the liberal Obama agenda of more regulations, more federal spending, more borrowing, more talk of taxes, and more “stimulus” programs.

The failure of the Obama presidency isn’t so much a failure of Obama, but instead the failure of Progressive ideas. The liberals hope that a lame duck Obama would be able to push through the rest of his agenda once the fear of electoral backlash for him personally is no longer an issue.

What I find frightening is the length to which folks will go to manipulate the electoral process.

Let’s take the way-back machine to the 2000 elections, when Gore won the popular vote, but lost the electoral one. The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is what has evolved from that indignation.

Under the compact, which is an idea Akhil Reed Amar (quoted above) helped develop, states pledge to give all of their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote, regardless of the outcome in the state. It could work—if enough states adopted it. But so far, only nine states (including DC) representing just 132 electoral votes have signed on—and they’re all solidly blue.

This monstrosity offends me to my core. But what is funny is the tizzy libs are in over a plan in Pennsylvania to divide up it’s electors in national elections.

So far, Democrats have been fighting back with the argument that switching to allocating electoral votes by congressional district would reduce Pennsylvania’s importance in the presidential race. “Presidential elections are decided by ‘basically Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and Florida,’ because each is a swing state with a large block of electoral votes up for grabs,” former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. That, Rendell said, gives Pennsylvania more pull with presidents of both parties.

Of course, cannot the same argument me made for TH NPV? Then the presidential elections would be decided the handful of states with the largest population.

For now, the Democrats’—and Obama’s—only real way of fighting back is political. “The political solution, if there is one, is going to have to come from getting people outraged about this,” Amar says. “This is not American fair play; it’s a partisan steamroller changing the fundamental rules of the small-d democratic game for purely party advantage. Trying to structure the world so that even the person who wins the state loses the state’s electoral vote: That is new under the sun.” He adds, “This is big.”

The irony is rich, since Amar helped develop the NPV idea. Trying to structure the world, so that even the person who loses a state can have that states entire electoral vote if he/she wins the popular vote. That is new under the sun.

And doesn’t sound like Democracy to me.

Visiting comments [puts on tinfoil cap]:

Let’s have a fair election. Join me and others to abolish the electoral college. One person One Vote. Then all people in this country red states, blue states, big states, small states, are all equal. Then let’s see the political landscape change.

Wow. The stupid is strong.

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