Know your enemy

Muslims Against Crusades:

They’re burning the American flag in honor of 9/11. But, I’m digging their name. Muslims Against Crusades. Which is funny, because you know what the goal is of these Muslims? (no link, just google the name if you doubt me)

However, the return of this once-great super power is imminent, as prophesised by Muhammad (peace be upon him), and Muslim activists all over the world are working collectively to establish the Islamic state. Only the Islamic state can establish true peace on earth and rid the world of all its economic and social problems.

Yea. Despite all the bullshit about chickens coming home to roost, Muslims have two motivations now as they did before 9/11. Creating an Islamic state is one. And Victor Davis Hanson explains the other:

On this ten-year anniversary of 9/11, no one has yet refuted the general truth that bin Laden tried to hijack popular Arab discontent over endemic poverty and self-induced misery. In cynical Hitlerian fashion, al-Qaeda’s propagandists sought to blame the mess of the Arab Middle East on Jews and foreigners, rather than seeking to address homegrown corrupt kleptocracies, inefficient statism, indigenous tribalism, gender apartheid, and religious fundamentalism and intolerance.

Past Western appeasement of terrorism only convinced the manipulative bin Laden that he might kill Westerners without much fear of retaliation, as he presented himself to the Islamic street as the new Saladin who had humbled the Western infidel.

Obama and Arianna Huffington want to honor the memory of 9/11 by making it a day of “service and remembrance. Sorry. That’s not what 9/11 is about.

Mark Steyn:

Waiting to be interviewed on the radio the other day, I found myself on hold listening to a public-service message exhorting listeners to go to and tell their fellow citizens how they would be observing the tenth anniversary of the, ah, “tragic events.” There followed a sound bite of a lady explaining that she would be paying tribute by going and cleaning up an area of the beach.

Great! Who could object to that? Anything else? Well, another lady pledged that she “will continue to discuss anti-bullying tactics with my grandson.

9/11 isn’t about painting a women’s shelter, or art installations, or teaching your child about racism.

9/11 was both Pearl Harbor and the Doolittle Raid rolled into one, and the fourth flight was the only good news of the day, when citizen volunteers formed themselves into an ad hoc militia and denied Osama bin Laden what might have been his most spectacular victory. A few brave individuals figured out what was going on and pushed back within half an hour.

“Let’s roll” – that is how I want to remember 9/11. It’s about remembering the hate directed at us, and the “fuck you” some gave back.

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3 Comments on “Know your enemy”

  1. The parallels between the American Left and AQ are truely disturbing.

  2. agiledog Says:

    The parallels between the American Left and AQ are truely disturbing. revealing

    If A = B, and B = C, then …

  3. veeshir Says:

    The American Left is mostly anti-American, or, in their words, For What America Could Be(tm).

    All you need to do is bash America and they’re on your side regardless of your other beliefs.

    That’s how we get Queers for Palestine and Code Pink(o) sticking up for Saddam and his death squads and evil offspring.

    That’s why Obama and company are screwing with Columbia while loving Chavez. Columbia has the bad manners to want to be friends with America while Chavez hates us and attacks us in public as often as possible.
    That’s also why Obama went on his apology tour, he knows that America is the cause of all the problems in the world and America is the only nation with free will while the rest of the world, when they do bad things, are only responding to our horrible actions.

    It almost makes sense until you think about it.

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