FIAF – Pass This Bill Edition

Miss last night’s super-awesome Jobs Bill speech? Now worries. I’ve compiled the two best summaries I could find. This from the corner:

Video here – stupid thing won’t embed.

Jeff G fills in a few more details for you:


We need to do now what I haven’t done for the last 3 years. Because there’s an election coming up. So I propose you re-elect me.


Of course, the GOP must PASS THIS BILL, or they “own” the economy from this moment forward. It went straight from “Bush’s economy” to the congressional Republicans’, who apparently hold all the power in Washington with their majority in ONE of the two chambers.

Heresy, from the Morning Jolt:

The recession we’ve endured for the past three years is far from normal, and yet we keep getting the normal Keynesian responses. I realize I’m about to offer blasphemies and shockers on par with Rick Perry’s Ponzi-scheme comparison, but what if Obama was wrong last night, and a big issue is that some of the people of this country do not, in fact, work hard to meet their responsibilities? What if decades of a lousy education system have left us with a workforce that has too many members with no really useful skills for a globalized economy? What if way too many college students majored in liberal arts and are entering the workforce looking for jobs that will never exist? What if the massive housing bubble got Americans to condition themselves to work in an economy that’s never coming back? (How many realtors are unemployed right now?) What if we have good workers who can’t move to take new jobs because they’re underwater on their mortgages and can’t sell their house?

Are we the best and the brightest? Some of us are. Many of us are not.

It’s all so very depressing.

Romney’s got a response to Obama’s PASS THIS Jobs Bill:

Here’s something to cheer us all up.

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5 Comments on “FIAF – Pass This Bill Edition”

  1. Svenster Says:

    But it’s paid for; in fact it’s free money. You see, we spend $500 billion now and then reduce our bloated forecast of spending over the next ten years by $500 billion—problem solved.

    It’s like me going to the casino and blowing ten grand but then offsetting that by reducing my planned expenditure on cheese doodles over the next ten years from $100,000 to $90,000. With savings like that I can’t afford to stay home; and I’m doing it for the children!

  2. Car in Says:

    I prolly have to pass this thing (NOW!) to see what’s in it.

  3. agiledog Says:

    We are freaking toast! One MA congressman (not mine, but from my f-ing state) went on the radio this morning to support the president’s speech, and said the following:

    “There is nothing that’s going to happen in private enterprise to stimulate the economy…Their job is not to stimulate the American economy. Their job is to make money for their company. Therefore it’s only the government that can do something [to stimulate the economy].

    How did we get to the point where a congress man either: A) actually has no freaking clue about the roles of goverment and private business, or B) knows their roles, but will outright lie like that in public?

  4. Car in Says:

    Liar or idiot. Both?

  5. agiledog Says:

    Well, he is a politcian, so that makes him a liar by profession. And he is a Liberal Democrat, so that makes him an idiot. So I guess you’re right: Both!

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