Cover songs don’t always suck

Heard this on the radio the other day. like

I’m not a huge Puddle of Mud fan, but I do like this cover.

I guess their career is over now, according to the Wiserbud Coversong Theory™?

I really like the singer’s riff right before the three minute mark.

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3 Comments on “Cover songs don’t always suck”

  1. agiledog Says:

    I never studied Wiserbud’s theory in detail. Did he claim that the quality of the cover mattered, or was it the mere act of doing the cover that destroyed the artist? 🙂

    I liked this version, but then, I think both the Stones and the Beatles are ghey – I’ve heard both of them way too many times, and will turn down/turn off the radio if either of them comes on. This version is a little stronger, less polished than the Stones, and that is a good thing.

    BTW – can a signer do a “riff””? I thought that was a guitar thing. When a singer does it, isn’t it a “rapp”?

    Coversong Theory disclosure: I actually have (and enjoy) a CD of RUSH doing all covers. So I’m not a purist in any sense in these things.

  2. agiledog Says:

    And, Car in, when did you become a chicken? Or are you now just “some chick”?:-)

  3. Car in Says:

    WIser believes that once a band records a cover – it signals the end of their career because they are out of idea.

    I thought the chick was cute. She’s one of mine.

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